Semilab Semiconductor Physics Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Semilab Semiconductor Physics Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Prielle Kornélia str.2, H-1117 Budapest
+36 1 5054690
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Andrián Dudás Salses Support Manager

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Equipment Types
Life Time Analyser, Material Properties Analyser, Ingot/Block Vision Inspector, Resistivity Inspector, Polysilicon Tester
Resistivity Inspector, Wafer Sorter, Life Time Analyser, Wafer Vision Inspector, Wafer Tester
Cell Vision Inspector
Thin Film Optical Inspection System, Thin Film Life Time Analyser, Thin Film Thickness Measurer

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Semilab is the world leader in electrical measurements for PV. We offer a variety of critical measurements via hand-held probes, tabletop systems, and in-line production systems designed to measure parts on conveyor belts. Semilab has become the world standard for measurements of ingots, wafers, and cells.
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