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Cell Turn-Key Production Line, Diffusion Furnace, Doping, Coating Control System, Cell CVD, Cell PECVD, Cell APCVD, Cell Coating Equipment, Deposition, Cell AR Coating, Cell PVD, Drying Furnace, Firing Furnace, Cell Plating Line, Conveyer, Cell Handling System, Cell LPCVD

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centrotherm has been developing and realizing innovative thermal solutions for over 50 years. As a leading and globally operating technology group, we offer production solutions for the photovoltaic, semiconductor and microelectronic industries.

The continuous further development of our successful solutions in thermal processing and coating, such as for manufacturing crystalline solar cells and power semiconductors, form the basis for our successful partnerships with industry, research and development.

Our customers worldwide appreciate our production systems' process stability, scalability and availability in mass production. Above and beyond this, our work is distinguished by the fact that we create high-end process technology solutions which are specific for our customers and tailored to their requirements, and the fact that we are outstanding in system building.

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With its Low Pressure Diffusion System c.DIFF LP, centrotherm ushers in a new era of diffusion technology. The latest development provides excellent results in homogeneity at emitter resistivities of 150 Ω/square. Thanks to its high throughput and low media consumption, the production system supports the requirements for high-performance solar cell processing with best cost-of-ownership.

Just as the atmospheric pressure diffusion system, the low pressure version offers a high flexibility towards varying production load and process sequence as well as continued operation in case of single tube maintenance or shut-down. c.DIFF LP is available in various configurations regarding process capability, capacity and automation level. 


• POCl 3 diffusion
• BBr 3 diffusion
• Further processes upon request


Process improvements

• Best-in-class emitter uniformity
• Higher sheet resistivities [150 Ω/square]
• Excellent diffusion on both wafer sides [extended gettering effect of phosphorus improves material quality]
• Highest cleanness [gas phase diffusion without residues]

Productivity improvements

• System configuration adjustable to production capacity [no. of tubes, optional back-to-back loading]
• Minimized factory footprint by reducing number of tools at same capacity
• Lower media and utility consumption


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