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Xcell Automation, Inc.

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CTS, Soldering Equipment, Stringer, Tabber, Assembly Line, Panel Handling System, Lay-up Station

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Xcell Automation is a global designer, supplier, and servicer of industrial automation equipment for industries including PV Solar and PV Module Assembly and Manufacturing.

The formation of Xcell Automation is the result of a management buyout (MBO) of Komax Solar. The same people will be conducting the same business out of the same locations. With manufacturing in the USA and China as well as spare parts and service in North America, Europe, and Asia, Xcell Automation is well positioned to serve your module assembly needs.

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World's Most Advanced Stringer

X3 – Engineered to Exceed Expectations.

This machine decreases the cost of ownership with excellent designs, stunning throughput, and unmatched solder process control.

Maximized Output

1800 cells / hour with Continuous Stringing (50 / 58 MW annually)
1500 cells / hour without Continuous Stringing (42 / 48 MW annually)
Ribbon spools up to 8 kg
Increased Flux Tank holding capacity up to 2 Liters

Forward Thinking Design

Created for easy on-site upgrades including multi Busbar and Half-Cell options
More accepted cell types such as Mono, Poly (P and N Type), PERC and Bifacial
All-new MORPHIX induction coil creating a larger soldering process window

Increased Uptime

Larger gullwing doors for better machine access
Simplified AccuTrack design for quicker maintenance
Faster ribbon spool changeover
Pivoting Induction Head for easier changeover & maintenance

X3 Feature

Two touch screen operator interface panels
Spray fluxing
Divided flux tanks for top & bottom spray fluxing application
Fume extraction system
Vision inspection & cell alignment
Pre-heating & 3 controlled cool down zones

Technical Data

The AVS Layup System

Machine Highlights

Increased Throughput up to 60 modules/hour
Improved String Placement Accuracy using Active Vision system (AVS), patent-pending
Reduced Footprint up to 30% compared to previously offered layup systems
Quick Stringer and Layup Changeover in 15 minutes or less
Gentle Pick & Place Method to reduce string damage during transfer and alignment on glass

Machine Description

The GX6 Layup System integrates Robot & Pickbar, String Buffer & Reject System, Conveyor System, with up to 2 Xcell stringers.

Robot & Pickbar features:

Vacuum system holds strings when transferring to glass
Active Vision System (AVS) positions strings onto glass

String Buffer & Reject System features:

4 trays buffer extra strings until glass is available
1 reject tray holds non-functional strings

Conveyor System features:

Glass enters left or right with short-side leading
4 configurations available with glass exiting short-side or long-side leading
Up to 3 conveyor zones to cut glass transfer times


Tab Trimming for your GX6 cuts ribbon ends before glass placement. This option is a great way to reduce bussing time!

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