Manz AG

Manz AG

Steigaeckerstr. 5, 72768 Reutlingen
+49 7121 90000
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Thin-film Panel Turn-key Production Line, Thin Film Optical Inspection System, Thin Film Material Properties Analyser, Thin Film Thickness Measurer, Thin-film Evaporation, Thin-film Sputtering, Thin-film AR Coating, Thin-film PECVD, Thin-film Laser Scriber, Thin-film Mechanical Scriber, Thin-film Wet Etching Equipment, Thin-film Laser Etching Equipment

Company Updates

14 Aug 2017

Manz AG achieved revenue in the first half of the year of €119.6 million compared to €124 million in the first half of 2016.

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