Crystalline Ingot Growing Manufacturers - Ingot / Block Production Equipment

Companies involved in Crystalline Ingot Growing machine production, a key piece of equipment for the production of solar ingots. 36 Crystalline Ingot Growing equipment manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name     Region No. Staff Equipment Types
ALD Vacuum Technologies Germany 420
, DSS Method
Anhui Dasheng Photovoltaic Technology China
CZ Method
DSS Method, Firing Furnace
Chen Hua China 90
CZ Method, DSS Method
Chuanglian New Energy Equipment China 100
CZ Method
Cyberstar France
CZ Method, Float Zone Method
ECM France 120
DSS Method
Ferrotec Japan 68
CZ Method, DSS Method, Wire Saws
GigaMat United States 5,855
CZ Method, Wafer Sorter, Wafer Grinding Equ...
GT Advanced Technologies United States
CZ Method, DSS Method
Hanhong Precision Machinery China 400
CZ Method, DSS Method, Ingot Cutting Machin...
Huaqi Technology China 50
Float Zone Method, MCZ Method, Diffusion Fu...
Izoterm Russia
CZ Method
Jiangsu Zhongli New Energy China
CZ Method
Jinan Liguan Electronic Technology China 60
Float Zone Method, DSS Method, Diffusion Fu...
Jinggong Electromechanical China 1300
DSS Method, Ingot Cutting Machine, Cutting ...
Jinnuo Mechanical China 568
Float Zone Method
JYT Corporation China
CZ Method, Float Zone Method, DSS Method
Linton PV&SEMI Machine China
CZ Method, Ingot Cutting Machine, Ingot Gri...
Mitsubishi Materials Techno Japan 1117
CZ Method
MTI United States
CZ Method, Cutting Equipment, Diamond Wire ...
Osung LST Korea
CZ Method, Wafer Polishing Machine
PEKO Precision Products United States
CZ Method, Float Zone Method, MCZ Method, D...
ProPower China 260
DSS Method
PVA TePla Germany 297
CZ Method, Float Zone Method, DSS Method, P...
S-Tech Korea 50
CZ Method
Saet Italy
DSS Method
SGNetworks Korea 100
CZ Method, DSS Method, Laminator, Thin-film...
Shanghai Solar Energy Research Center China 100
DSS Method, Wafer Vision Inspector, Cell PE...
Spang Power Electronics United States
CZ Method
Sunred Electronic Equipment China 300
MCZ Method, DSS Method, Automatic Wafer Loa...
Tianlong Photoelectric China 180
CZ Method, DSS Method, Ingot Cutting Machin...
YS-Thermtech Korea
CZ Method, Drying Furnace, Firing Furnace, ...
Zhejiang Jingsheng Mechanical & Electrical China
CZ Method, DSS Method
ZhuoQi Machinery Manufacturing China
CZ Method
Zhuzhou Shuangling Tech China 24
DSS Method