T-Sun Energy Co., Limited

T-Sun Energy Co., Limited

30# Shihe Street, Dushan Port Zone, Pinghu, Zhejiang
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T-Sun Energy is one of the largest solar system integrator and supplier of solar panel, inverter, mounting system and etc.

People from T-Sun Energy devote themselves to research, design, manufacture thousands of solar power system on house, remote area and recreational area throughout U.K、Italy、U.S、 Australia、and South Africa etc, for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial clients. T-Sun Energy covers solar power solutions such as residential & commercial grid feed solar solution, stand alone/off-grid solar system, solar lighting and all solar system accessories. Supplying complete packing & configuration to meet any customized requirements.


We believe in the power of imagination and are intent on creatively shaping innovation into valuable solutions.


We continuously improve our methodologies and models to ensure that the results we provide can be counted on fully by our customers when developing their ideas and projects.


We believe that diversity enhances the open-mindedness needed in a rapidly evolving world. We foster this diversity throughout our company to bring the best of today and tomorrow is knowledge to our customers.

Dedication to Quality

Our objective is to create a Chinese brand that wins respect all over the world. "quality is over everything" becomes our priority since foundation.

Technical Expertise

Our Solar system designers have at least 4 years experiences and engineers at least 6 years installation experiences. Experience and expertise guarantee the safe, economical, and excellent performance for your solar power systems. We also provide long-term technical support and consulting for free!

One-stop Services

We provide one professional manager as the customer representative through pre-order to after-sale to solve all the problems for clients.
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