Powerline Energy

Powerline Energy

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Abdullah Tiryaki Export Manager

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On-Grid / Off-Grid
On-grid, Off-grid
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(S)maller Installations, 1(M)Wp+ Installations
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Evaluation, Design, Monitoring
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Tiryaki Elektrik ltd.

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In 1992, our company was established in Ankara in Turkey until 2006 AC - DC Distribution and Energy has provided quality products and services in the fields. In 2006, the "Powerline" trademark registration by signing "powerline" brand renewable energy sources, solar and wind energy began to work in the fields. "Powerline energy" solar and wind energy systems consulting, engineering, design, manufacturing, application and provides integration services. Our strong team, our knowledge, experience and expertise to meet the needs our customers with turnkey, integrated solutions are producing. In addition, we produce ready-pack systems. Our goal is the expansion of renewable energy in the world and to new generations is to leave a cleaner world.
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