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Soli Tek cells

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Martynas Cereska Director, Sales

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Cell Technology
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BOD Group

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BOD Group High Technology Center L.I.G.H.T. WING (Lithuanian incubator of green and high technologies) is one of the most ecologic industrial plants in Europe were work the latest generation solar cells and modules production lines, research laboratories, the fastest video conference and internet media center in Europe, as well as the incubator of new innovative companies.

Here until 2015 the High Technologies will create €145 Million value for provided production and services, while until 2017 it will reach up to €290 Million. In 2015 over 500 highly skilled employees will work in L.I.G.H.T. WING.

The main area of this 30 thousand square meters is taken by companies Baltic Solar Energy and Baltic Solar Solutions which produce high efficiency solar cells together with modules assembling company Viasolis. With annual capacity of 16,7 million units of cells and 70 MW they will be able to cover demand equal to 50 middle-sized European solar plants.

Also here will be based other high-tech companies like Kemek Engineering, Innovative Pharma Baltics, ProBioSanus, Litfarma, Altechna and others. In one year here will also be opened a new intellectual property protection platform Clear Digital World, which will provide innovative anti-piracy solutions for online digital content.

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Key Features:

TÜV Rheinland confirmation about cell manufacturing site in EU

100% PID free cells.
(Potential induced degradation is eliminated at cell level using PVB lamination foil.)

Fraunhofer ISE / Cells calibrated in Fraunhofer ISE PV cell CalLab.

HOT-Spot protected.

Positive sorting +0,2/-0%.

100% performance inspection.

Each cell is automatically sorted by colour.

12 solid cell colours.

Technical Specifications:

Area 243.36 cm² ± 1.56 cm²
Format 15.6 cm ± 0.05 cm x 15.6 cm ± 0.05 cm
Thickness 200 µm ± 30 µm
Front side electrode ( - ) 1.5 mm wide bus bar (silver), blue anti-reflecting coating (silicon nitride)
Back side electrode ( + ) 3 x 4 soldering pads, 2.5 mm wide (silver), Aluminum back surface field


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