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Guizhou Symbiotic Technology Co., Ltd.

No. 1 Economic Development Zone Rd., Nayong, Guizhou
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Mr.Binux DGM

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Junction Box, Connector
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GS Group

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Guizhou Symbiotic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional solar junction box manufacturer affiliated to GS Group that comprises of Guizhou Symbiotic Technology Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Symbiotic Industrial Co.Ltd. as well as America Kaoso Group Limited that produces raw material for junction box like PPO, PA and PC with 3 plants in Guizhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan, covering more than 90% of the raw material market for solar junction box manufacturing in China.

Along with the expansion in Chinese domestic market, the company is also actively promoting itself in the International field such as India, Turkey, African as well as Southeastern Asian countries.

TUV IEC is the latest certification grade that has been becoming indispensable recently and shall be compulsory in less than a year. PV Module manufacturers are kindly reminded herein to pay more attention in the regard.

Rated voltage 1500 V is the new trend. All large-scale solar panel producers are just following. This is also very important information for the other medium-sized manufacturers and those startups.

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