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Boron Manufacturers

Companies involved in Boron production, a key sourcing item for solar thin-film panel manufacturers. 23 Boron manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffMaterial Types
Able TargetChina59Boron
ABSCO MaterialsUnited KingdomBoron
ACI AlloysUnited StatesBoron
Air LiquideUnited States66,000Boron
Alfa AesarUnited KingdomBoron
Asin Optical MaterialsChinaBoron
Baoding North Special GasesChinaBoron
Cathay Advanced MaterialsChinaBoron
Changsha Asian Light Economic TradeChinaBoron
China Rare MetalChinaBoron
Dragon AbrasivesChinaBoron
ESPIUnited StatesBoron
Feldco InternationalUnited StatesBoron
Goodfellow CambridgeUnited KingdomBoron
Haixu AbrasivesChinaBoron
Huita Optoelectronic MaterialChinaBoron
Process MaterialsUnited StatesBoron
Sindlhauser MaterialsGermanyBoron
VEMUnited StatesBoron
Zegen Metals & ChemicalsChinaBoron
ZNXC TechChinaBoron