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Germanium Manufacturers

Companies involved in Germanium production, a key sourcing item for solar thin-film panel manufacturers. 37 Germanium manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name     Region No. Staff Material Types
5N Plus Canada 150 Germanium
Able Target China Mainland 59 Germanium
ABSCO Materials United Kingdom Germanium
AEM China Mainland Germanium
Air Liquide United States Germanium
Alfa Aesar United States Germanium
Cathay Advanced Materials China Mainland Germanium
Changsha Santech Materials China Mainland 50 Germanium
Chihong Zn & Ge China Mainland 11,000 Germanium
DM Material China Mainland 100 Germanium
Feldco International United States Germanium
FFU Tech China Mainland 50 Germanium
HEFA Rare Earth Canada Canada 900 Germanium
Henghao Industrial China Mainland Germanium
Indium United States Germanium
Keneng New Material China Mainland Germanium
Lattice Materials United States 50 Germanium
MAT-CN China Mainland 100 Germanium
OJSC Germanium Russia Germanium
PPM Pure Metals Germany Germanium
Process Materials United States Germanium
SAM United States Germanium
SAM Sputter Targets United States 99 Germanium
SCI Engineered Materials United States Germanium
Shinko Chemical Japan 80 Germanium
Sindlhauser Materials Germany Germanium
Teck Metals Canada Germanium
Vacuum Engineering & Materials United States Germanium
Vital Materials China Mainland 500 Germanium
Wafer World United States Germanium
Xinkang Advanced Materials China Mainland Germanium
Xinrong New Materials China Mainland 50 Germanium
Xinyuan Germanium China Mainland Germanium
Yipin Chuancheng (Beijng) Technology China Mainland Germanium
Youchan Technology China Mainland Germanium
Zegen Metals & Chemicals China Mainland Germanium
ZNXC Tech China Mainland 150 Germanium