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Selenium Manufacturers

Companies involved in Selenium production, a key sourcing item for solar thin-film panel manufacturers. 25 Selenium manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffMaterial Types
5N PlusCanada800Selenium
Able TargetChina59Selenium
ABSCO MaterialsUnited KingdomSelenium
Apollo Solar Science & TechnologyChinaSelenium
Changsha Asian Light Economic TradeChinaSelenium
Feldco InternationalUnited StatesSelenium
FFU TechChina50Selenium
MMC Norilsk NickelRussiaSelenium
Pan Pacific CopperJapan757Selenium
Process MaterialsUnited StatesSelenium
SAM Sputter TargetsUnited States99Selenium
Shinko ChemicalJapan80Selenium
Sindlhauser MaterialsGermanySelenium
Super Conductor MaterialsUnited StatesSelenium
The Doe RunUnited StatesSelenium
VEMUnited StatesSelenium
Vital MaterialsChina3,500Selenium
Xinkang Advanced MaterialsChinaSelenium
Xinrong New MaterialChinaSelenium
Zegen Metals & ChemicalsChinaSelenium
ZNXC TechChinaSelenium