Solar Trade Platform and Directory of Solar Companies

Tin Manufacturers

Companies involved in Tin production, a key sourcing item for solar thin-film panel manufacturers. 42 Tin manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffMaterial Types
5N PlusCanada800Tin
Able TargetChina59Tin
ABSCO MaterialsUnited KingdomTin
Alfa AesarUnited KingdomTin
Beijing Xingxingyuan MaterialsChinaTin
Cathay Advanced MaterialsChinaTin
China MinmetalsChinaTin
China Rare MetalChinaTin
DM MaterialChinaTin
Feldco InternationalUnited StatesTin
Fenix Advanced MaterialsCanadaTin
Goodfellow CambridgeUnited KingdomTin
Guangzhou UVTMChina200Tin
Henghao IndustrialChinaTin
Heraeus HoldingGermany14,900Tin
Huizhou Top Metal MaterialChinaTin
IndiumUnited StatesTin
Keneng New MaterialChinaTin
Loyal TargetChinaTin
MatsurfUnited StatesTin
PPM Pure MetalsGermany117Tin
Process MaterialsUnited StatesTin
SAM Sputter TargetsUnited States99Tin
SCI Engineered MaterialsUnited StatesTin
Sindlhauser MaterialsGermanyTin
Soleras Advanced CoatingsBelgiumTin
Suzhou Honglian New-Energy Electronic TechnologyChina150Tin
The Doe RunUnited StatesTin
VEMUnited StatesTin
Vulcan GMSUnited StatesTin
Xinkang Advanced MaterialsChinaTin
Xinrong New MaterialChinaTin
Yipin Chuancheng (Beijng) TechnologyChinaTin
Yunnan TinChina30,000Tin
Zegen Metals & ChemicalsChinaTin
ZNXC TechChinaTin