Hebei JG Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Hebei JG Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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No.1999, South Yongan Road, Development Zone, Xingtai, Hebei
+86 319 3928666
+86 319 3928660
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Michelle Zhang Sales Manager

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Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline
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Established in the year 2010, Hebei JG Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a renowned Photovoltaic Solar Manufacturer with a wide presence in domestic and worldwide regions, whose main aim is to produce environmentally friendly products and to promote the application of renewable energy in all sectors of the industrial world today.

With an annual production capacity 300MW of modules, the company has sufficient ability to meet the market demand with advanced facilities. JG SOLAR has established a complete and strict quality controlling system, and the products have been certified by ISO, CE, TUV, CQC and CEC (Australia).



  • JG-D60PCS-250~...
    250 ~ 265 Wp
  • JG-D36PCS-90W~...
    90 ~ 100 Wp
  • JG-D72PCS-190W...
    190 ~ 205 Wp
  • JG-D36PCS-30W
    30 Wp
  • JG-D54PCS-215~...
    215 ~ 230 Wp


  • JG-P36PCS-50W
    50 Wp
  • JG-P36PCS-70W
    70 Wp
  • JG-P32PCS-40W
    40 Wp
  • JG-P36PCS-15W
    15 Wp
  • JG-P36PCS-140W...
    140 ~ 150 Wp
  • JG-P60PCS-235W...
    235 ~ 250 Wp
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