Econess Energy Co., Ltd.

Econess Energy Co., Ltd.

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No.58 Haida Road, Huashi Town, Jiangyin, Jiangsu
+86 510 86076868
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Chaoson International sales manager
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赵海英 sales

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Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline
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Innovative Panel Design
Transparent Solar Cell
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Parent Company
Jiangsu Huadong Plastics Co., Ltd.

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Created by Huadong Plastic Group, Econess Energy is a professional manufacturer of crystalline PV cells and modules. Equipped with world-class facilities such as Baccini, berger, CT, Econess Energy keeps optimizing the production process, improving the efficiency, enhancing the quality, and cutting down the cost. Econess Energy, since its establishment, has a steady and rapid increase of its cell and module capacity, and has planned to keep expanding the capacity and improving the efficiency to meet more customers’ demands, now our capacity is 300MW annually. Econess Energy has built a strong quality team. From the raw materials IQC, our quality team executes a strict control from string, layering, assembly till packing of the modules. The integrated quality control system has ensured that all the modules are of the best quality. In order to meet global customers’ quality requirements, our quality team endeavors to make our products get certificated by the major markets, so that our products can be available in the global market. Our certificates are TUV, IEC, CE, UL, ISO, CEC, etc. Meanwhile, our quality team makes a prompt feedback to the customers’ quality issues and continuously improves the product quality. In order to meet the varying module demands, Econess Energy has taken an active technology development. On the standard basis, we have developed some customized and aesthetic modules: colorful modules, double-glass modules, and black modules. Meanwhile, we offer OEM, ODM service to our customers.

Econess Energy is ready to establish partnership with PV companies from all over the world, makes endeavor to develop the potential of the PV power, and powers the social development with clean and endless solar energy.

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  • $0.560 / Wp
    EN 156M-72
    310 ~ 330 Wp
  • $0.520 / Wp
    EN 156M-60
    265 ~ 285 Wp
  • $0.580 / Wp
    EN 125M-96
    260 ~ 280 Wp
  • $0.580 / Wp
    EN 125M-72
    190 ~ 210 Wp
  • 4BB EN156M-72
    300 ~ 320 Wp
  • 4BB EN156M-60
    250 ~ 270 Wp


  • $0.422 / Wp
    EN 156P-72
    300 ~ 320 Wp
  • $0.422 / Wp
    EN 156P-60
    250 ~ 280 Wp
  • EN156P-72D
    300 ~ 315 Wp
  • EN156P-60D
    250 ~ 265 Wp

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