Haerbin Green Solar Co.

Haerbin Green Solar Co.

B4-1903, Room No.1, Jian Yi Rd., Daoli District, Haerbin, Heilongjiang
+86 451 84850789
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Shiwei Sun

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GRSOLAR Solar is a leading OEM supplier of solar modules for the electronics industry, offering a large variety of off the shelf modules and custom designed solar modules, adapted in size, shape and voltage to the needs of your product. With ASI® OEM technologies we can provide adequate solar modules either for outdoor or for indoor applications.

1、More Energy
2、Single / Double stacked cells
3、Stable performance
4、Reliability and Quality “Made in China”
5、Easy integration
6、Excellent value for money
7、No toxic materials
8、Any shape and sizes in low or high volumes



  • $0.360 / Wp
    Thin film 40 ~ 51 Wp
  • GSX*X-X
    Thin film 0.045 ~ 55 Wp
  • 149X76 X56‐8D
    Thin film 0.34 Wp
Last Update
14 Aug 2018