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Messerschmittring 54, 86343 Königsbrunn
+49 8231 9782680
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Waldemar Hartmann Assistent der Geschäftsleitung B.A/ Executive Assistant B.A.

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Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline
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Innovative Panel Design
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Additional Info (Advertising)

AE SOLAR is a manufacturer of high quality solar panels.

Our headquarter AE Alternative Energy GmbH is located in Germany, Bavaria and plans the strategic interpretation of all AE SOLAR products and brand.

Our focus is to provide customers maximum quality at best prices!

Dear customers, please note THE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY - 20FT CONTAINER (ABOUT 100 KW)!

Products (Advertising)

High-quality and innovative photovoltaic solar modules

We are the experts when it comes to solar modules. With our yearly production of 1 GW, we can fulfil all your wishes. All you need to do is tell us whether poly- or monocrystalline and we deliver. We only remain stubborn when it comes to quality. Whatever leaves our production halls has been proved and always complies with the highest international required standards. These are only changed if it’s for the good of quality. Then and only then can we guarantee you long durability. 




AE Solar Modules with Hot-Spot free technology 

 Power Range: 255W-350W
 Available in mono- and polycrystalline

    -    German design and quality

    -    Individual bypass diode for each cell. AE Smart Module with Hot-Spot Free technology   protects each cell by an individual bypass diode.

    -    When the current of a single cell does not match the current of the whole string, that cell has a reverse voltage, so when measured more than 0.6V, it will automatically activate the bypass diode. As a result, the rest of the cells will not be affected by the disruption

   -      Increased performance ratio up to 30%

   -     We provide all International standards certificates, 30 years performance guarantee and 12 years product warranty

Download Technical Data

With a large selection of module dimensions and performance classes you will find exactly the right one for your project 



  • AE M6-60
    265 ~ 300 Wp
  • $0.420 / Wp
    AE M6-72
    320 ~ 360 Wp
  • AE M6-48
    215 ~ 240 Wp
  • AE M6-36
    160 ~ 180 Wp
  • AE SMM6-60
    270 ~ 305 Wp
  • AE SMM6-72
    325 ~ 360 Wp
  • AE M5-72
    185 ~ 230 Wp
  • AE M5-36
    90 ~ 115 Wp
  • AE M5-96
    245 ~ 300 Wp
  • AE M5-60
    155 ~ 190 Wp
  • AE M5-48
    125 ~ 150 Wp


  • $0.400 / Wp
    AE P6-72
    300 ~ 330 Wp
  • AE P6-60
    250 ~ 275 Wp
  • AE P6-54
    225 ~ 245 Wp
  • AE P6-48
    200 ~ 220 Wp
  • AE P6-36
    150 ~ 165 Wp
  • AE SMP6-60
    250 ~ 285 Wp
  • AE SMP6-72
    305 ~ 330 Wp
  • AE P5-36
    80 ~ 100 Wp

Company Updates

5 Dec 2017

Our distribution company Radman Pak Energy participated on the 4th International Exhibition on Solar Energy and Related industry in Tehran.The exhibition has taken a place from November 23 to November 26.

1 Dec 2017

AE Solar participated on Dubai Solar Show organised by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority as part of Water, Energy,Technology and Enviroment Exhibition during 23th to 25th October 2017.

20 Sep 2017

AE SOLAR, Germany is ready to meet our old friends and making a new acquaintances at booth 12.94 Hall 12, Renewable Energy India Expo 2017. We are warmly inviting you. Please visit us.

19 Sep 2017

AE Solar is on track to increase production capacity to 1 GW.


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