Suntech Power Co., Ltd.

Suntech Power Co., Ltd.

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9 Xinhua Road New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
+86 510 85318888
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  • HyPro STP290-3...
    290 ~ 300 Wp
  • HyPro STP295-3...
    295 ~ 305 Wp
  • STP270-280S - ...
    270 ~ 280 Wp
  • STP275-285S - ...
    275 ~ 285 Wp
  • STP275-285S - ...
    275 ~ 285 Wp
  • STP335S-345S -...
    330 ~ 340 Wp
  • HyPro STP365-3...
    365 ~ 375 Wp
  • HyPro STP300S-...
    300 ~ 310 Wp
  • HyPro STP295-3...
    295 ~ 305 Wp
  • HyPro STP295-3...
    295 ~ 305 Wp


  • STP265-275-20 ...
    265 ~ 275 Wp
  • STP320-330-24 ...
    320 ~ 330 Wp
  • Superpoly STP3...
    335 ~ 345 Wp
  • STP280-290 - 2...
    280 ~ 290 Wp
  • STP265-275 - 2...
    265 ~ 275 Wp
  • STP265-275 - 2...
    265 ~ 275 Wp
  • STP265-275 - 2...
    265 ~ 275 Wp
  • STP315-325 - 2...
    315 ~ 325 Wp
  • Superpoly STP2...
    285 ~ 295 Wp
  • STP265-275 - 2...
    265 ~ 275 Wp

Company Updates

16 Apr 2018

Suntech showcases high strength double glass module at 2018 Cisolar in Ukraine.

2 Mar 2018

Suntech providing half-cut cell modules to European customers.

16 Jan 2018

Suntech showcases signature solar modules at the 2018 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

8 Jan 2018

Suntech achieves volume production of black silicon solar cells.


The best of the solar panels that we have bought in China. It has very good value for the money. It has exceeded our expectations in terms of performance.

-- OpciónDos Energía Natural, S.L.

We deal Suntech PV modules because this company offers PV modules at very low-price. We are satisfied with the relationship with this company because its office is very close to ours, and it is easy to hold a meeting together.

-- , APEC Engineering Co., Ltd.

This manufacturers modules are a little bit expensive, but can show better performance. Their power tolerance has no minus deviation. Stable performance.

-- , SolarPower & Hembrows Electrical Service

We like these panels made in China because this product has the best price–quality relation that we can find in the market nowadays. Definitely is a good investment.

-- Instalaciones Frigorificas Solares

Suntechs solar modules have a very strong attractiveness in terms of its cheap price. Nevertheless, they can achieve very satisfactory levels of performance.

-- Seven Forum Co., Ltd.

This brand is relatively cheap, but that doesn’t means its products are bad. They can generate more quantity of electricity than you expects. Good products.

-- , Dave Tolmay Electrical & Solar PV Installations

We install solar modules made by Suntech because they are designed to work under severe conditions. Besides, Suntech is a premium brand which is proven with lots of certifications.

-- , Sun City Solar

We like this brand of solar panels in particular because they have worked without problems in all installations in which we used. They have a good morphology and are lightweight. They show an outstanding performance.

-- , Ekain Taldea


Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba)
DR Congo
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Sierra Leone
Sri Lanka

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Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba)
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