Sharp Corporation

Sharp Corporation

22-22 Nagaike-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka 545-8522
+81 6 66211221
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Shinichiro Hashizaki

Business Details

Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline
Production (MW)/2012:
Power Range(Wp):
Production (MW)/2012:
Power Range(Wp):
Third Generation
Dye Sensitised
Production (MW)/2012:
Power Range(Wp):



  • NU-RC 300
    300 Wp
  • NU-RD 285-300
    285 ~ 300 Wp


  • ND-RC 250-260
    250 ~ 260 Wp
  • ND-AH 315
    315 Wp
  • ND-RA 315
    260 Wp

Company Updates

14 Feb 2017

Sharp Corp. is shifting the strategy for its solar power business in Southeast Asia from big solar power plants to in-house generation systems for individual companies.


We use Sharp brand because its brand provides us with security and credit based on their high-level engineering technologies and "made-in Japan" fact.

-- , Yurtec Co.,Inc.

We judge which PV panel brand we should install by considering our customers benefits. We choose Sharp PV panel brand from the perspective that this manufacturer currently offers the cheapest price in Japanese PV panel market, which means that our customers can pay smaller amount of cost to install its PV system.

-- , Sunjunior Co., Ltd.

We recommend Sharps inverter because it is the only Japanese maker who manufactures outdoor inverter. Sharp inverter satisfies us by improving the inverting rate with natural wind and its cooling fan.

-- Imai Planning Co., Ltd.

We choose PV panels made by Sharp because this company has the biggest market share in Japanese PV market and the longest history in the market. Its market share and history lead to the cheap price and the credibility of its products.

-- Imai Planning Co., Ltd.

Although we install various PV panel brands, we think Sharp PV panels are most reliable. Among our total installations, Sharp products account for more than 50% cases. They have good quality and long history in Japanese PV market.

-- Yamazaki Inc.

We install inverters made by Sharp because we sell Sharp PV panels most and Sharp inveters quite match with Sharp panels. As one integrated PV system, Sharp inveters function well.

-- Yamazaki Inc.

We use monitoring systems manufactured by Sharp because they fit well in Sharp PV system called "Sunvista", which accounts for over 50% of our total installations. Our customers are also satisfied with their performances.

-- Yamazaki Inc.

We mainly install PV solar panels manufactured by Sharp Corporation because we have already established good business relationship since we entered PV installation business, and have strong reliability to this maker.

-- Oshiki Electric Equipment Ltd.

We use monitoring system made by Sharp because we install PV total-integrated system "Sunvista" made by Sharp for long time. To control this Sharp system, its monitors are indispensable.

-- Oshiki Electric Equipment Ltd.

We trust Sharp brand as a business partner and deal Sharp PV system "Sunvista" as our main installing product. So, we install Sharp inverters for our customers as well as other components.

-- Oshiki Electric Equipment Ltd.

We have been dealing PV panels made by Sharp since we launched PV installation business 10 years ago. Sharp is as reliable as Kyocera because it also has long history in Japanese PV market.

-- Daiei Densetsu Co., Ltd.

We have been installing PV modules manufactured by Sharp for more than 10 years. Sharp is good in terms that its products can generate enough amount of electricity with small roof area of our customer houses.

-- , Yoshi San Co., Ltd

We recommend Sharp PV panel products because they are made with very high quality technology by Sharp. Besides, they have various kinds of line-ups. We can choose a suitable size/shape panel for an installed house roof.

-- Kogusuri Construction, Inc.

Solar modules made by Sharp can be offered with a variety of their shapes. This means that we can choose the most suitable module shape for our customers house roofs.

-- Saison Setubi Kougyou Co., Ltd.

We recommend our customers Sharp photovoltaic power system "Sunvista". Thats why we provide Sharp inverters as one of Sunvista components. Besides, installing as a whole system allows our customers to manage warranties consistently.

-- Saison Setubi Kougyou Co., Ltd.

We use that brand of panels in our installations because of the high quality of the product and because they got a good performance during the years that we have been using them.

-- Ingeniería Next

Sharp accounts for big part of our annual sales and our installations. We think that they are superior in terms of after-sales support. They offer our customers 10-year warranty.

-- Seven Forum Co., Ltd.

Inoue Electric Works has been installing Sharp in our projects for many years. Actually, this is our main product. We find their highly competitive price to be very attractive.

-- Inoue Electric Works Co., Ltd.

We are willing to recommend Sharp inverters. We install solar inverters made by Sharp in our projects. They can offer good quality product at cheaper price.

-- Inoue Electric Works Co., Ltd.

We use monitoring systems provided by Sharp in our installations because they can offer their products at very competitive price.

-- Inoue Electric Works Co., Ltd.

We have been providing our customers with Sharp products for log time. Its very reliable brand with long history and proficient experience in PV industry. We are willing to offer our customers Sharp.

-- , Hibiki Construction Company

Sharp has been known as "a company with long history in Japanese PV market". This fact and their technology allows us to trust their inverter products.

-- , Hibiki Construction Company

We install Sharp mounting system because we fully trust the quality of their products. Their contribution to development of Japanese PV industry are enough great for us to like this brand.

-- , Hibiki Construction Company

We have been dealing Sharp modules for over 10 years. We have good relationship with them. We trust their products. Without any doubt, we recommend Sharp.

-- Toya House Co., Ltd.

We have been dealing Sharp brand for over 10 years. We have good relationship with them. As for monitoring devices, they are very user-friendly. Even old people can understand how to use them. Simple and good.

-- Toya House Co., Ltd.

We have been dealing Sharp products for over 10 years. Based on our long relationship, we trust them. Their converters have very efficient performance and can maximize module performance.

-- Toya House Co., Ltd.

We have been installing Sharp brand for seven years. Sharp manufactures PV modules specially designed for Okinawa where we have severe weather conditions. Their special modules can resist hot heat, salt damage and wind pressure. Very reliable brand.

-- Kabusikikaisya Motoe Okinawa Hannbaii Co., Ltd.

Sharps photovoltaic power system is very popular here in Okinawa. Therefore, in order to provide an overall Sharp system, monitoring systems manufactured by Sharp is indispensable.

-- Kabusikikaisya Motoe Okinawa Hannbaii Co., Ltd.

We like Sharp mounting systems because Sharp products can resist strong salt breeze and severe salt damage in Okinawa. We dont have any malfunction and claims from our customers regarding Sharp products.

-- Kabusikikaisya Motoe Okinawa Hannbaii Co., Ltd.

We install solar modules made by Sharp for our customers. Although we install other brands as well, Sharp brand accounts for the majority percentage in our installations. They have various shapes of modules so that we can choose the most suitable type for our customers.

-- Komura Electric Equipment Ltd


Czech Republic
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New Zealand

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Czech Republic
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