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Gutmann Solar

Bucher Straße 11, D - 90419 Nürnberg
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Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline
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Gutmann Group

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Recognizing the importance of renewable energy, specifically solar energy produced by photovoltaic (PV), the company has now extended its operations to include a new business segment dedicated to PV Panel Design Specification, Manufacture and Trade, through the establishment of GUTMANN SOLAR.

German specifications, fully automated production line and advanced production techniques are applied to produce premium photovoltaic panels, which allow our clients and partners in the industry to reap greater benefits for the labor of their PV projects. High efficiency, longevity and sustainability inspire our meticulous design, which is ensured by the rigorous quality control of each phase of our production. We have implemented a German standardized system in all of our production sites, which guarantees the reliability and consistency of our PV panels.



  • GSMP 265-270
    265 ~ 270 Wp
  • GSMP 310
    310 Wp


  • GSPP 255-260
    255 ~ 260 Wp
  • GSPP 300-305
    300 ~ 305 Wp
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