5th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications

5th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications

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Birmingham, UK

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Start Date
20 Nov 2016
End Date
23 Nov 2016
Renewable Energy
International / National
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

The purpose of the International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA) 2016 is to bring together researchers, engineers, manufacturers, practitioners and customers from all over the world to share and discuss advances and developments in renewable energy research and applications.

After the success of the first, second, third and fourth editions of ICRERA in Nagasaki, Madrid, Milwakuee and Palermo, this fifth ICRERA in Birmingham/UK will continue promoting and disseminating knowledge concerning several topics and technologies related to renewable (green) energy systems and sources. ICRERA aims to present important results to the international community of renewable energy fields in the form of research, development, applications, design and technology. It is therefore aimed at assisting researchers, scientists, manufacturers, companies, communities, agencies, associations and societies to keep abreast on new developments in their specialist fields and to unite in finding alternative energy solutions to current issues such as the greenhouse effect, sustainable and clean energy issues.

Ⅱ. Conference Topics:

● Renewable (Green) Energy Systems and Sources (RESSs) as Wind Power, Hydropower, Solar Energy, Biomass, Biofuel, Geothermal Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal energy, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells, Energy Storage
● New Trends and Technologies for RESSs
● Policies and Strategies for RESSs
● Energy Transformation from Renewable Energy System (RES) to Grid
● Novel Energy Conversion Studies for RESs
● Power Devices and Driving Circuits for RESs
● Control Techniques for RESs
● Grid Interactive Systems Used in Hybrid RESs
● Performance Analysis of RESs
● Hybrid RESSs
● Decision Support Systems for RESSs
● Renewable Energy Research and Applications for Industries
● RESSs for Electrical Vehicles and Components
● Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Studies for RESs and Applications
● Computational Methods for RESSs
● Energy Savings for Vehicular Technology, Power Electronics, Electric Machinery and Control, etc.
● New Approaches in Lightings
● Public Awareness and Education for Renewable Energy and Systems
● Reliability and Maintenance in RESSs
● Smart grids and RESSs
● Safety and Security of RESSs
● Renewable Energy Systems in Smart Cities
● Future Challenges and Directions for RESSs

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