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6th Building Integrated Photovoltaics Forum

6th Building Integrated Photovoltaics Forum

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Start Date
11 Mar 2014
End Date
11 Mar 2014
International / National
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€ 290


Ⅰ. Introduction:

Building Integrated Photovoltaics - BIPV - means to integrate photovoltaic components in buildings - in the building envelope as roof and wall, but also in structures such as sheds, carports or noise barriers. The photovoltaic devices take over other functions, to other conventional components which otherwise would have to be used. They become multi-functional devices. The current crisis in the application of photovoltaic makes it clear that new technical, commercial and legal concepts are needed and that integration into buildings will be becoming an increasingly important focus.

Compared to previous years, the event is performed with significantly enhanced topics. For example, reports on innovations in municipal planning, technical building equipment and hybrid systems, but also on consumption and other criteria of economic efficiency. This is also the reason for the new name "Forum". Competent experts from the fields of architecture, product development and marketing will present new results and make them available for discussion. The experience and dialogue between participants from planning, research, development and practical application will certainly be an integral part of the forum this time. Especially medium-sized companies and building societies are addressed, for which the building-integrated photovoltaics is becoming increasingly practical importance.

The "Forum Building Integrated Photovoltaics", should be like, new approaches and projects presented in recent years and discussed knowledgeable. The atmosphere of the monastery Banz and the immediate context of the following day beginning 29 Photovoltaic Solar Energy Symposium will enable further discussions and new contacts.

Ⅱ. Conference Topics:

1. Framework for BIPV eg

● In the European Buildings Directive
● In the Energy Saving Ordinance
● Development rights in Europe

2. BIPV innovations such as

● In the municipal planning
● In certification systems
● In the technical building equipment (TBE)
● In hybrid systems
● With multifunctional photovoltaic components

3. Economic aspects such as

● Optimization in the financial
● Life cycle costs (total cost of ownership)
● BIPV as a status symbol
● Efficiency of BIPV systems

4. Creative integration eg

● In historic buildings and monuments
● In the open space planning
● Using project examples of new and existing

5. Best practice examples of interdisciplinary cooperation

● BIPV projects in Europe
● Solar Decathlon
● Quality Assurance
● BIPV in the planning and tendering
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