Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2016

Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2016

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Yangon, Myanmar

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Start Date
15 Aug 2016
End Date
16 Aug 2016
Renewable Energy
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

With the help of global international financial institutions, the Government of Myanmar has developed a National Electrification Plan in meeting the increased demand of electricity from 14,500MW in 2015 to 58,000MW by 2030. This initiative targeting $6 billion in investments from 2016 – 2030,looks into increasing power generation capacity of 4,414MW in 2014 to 19,780MW by 2030; increasing electricity consumption per capital of 164KWh in 2014 to 800KWh by 2030 and increasing household electrification connection capacity to 7.5 million, which will translates into 87% electrification rate nationwide by 2030.

The hosting of the 4th Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2016 is to provide an interactive platform for potential investors and key players of the industry from over 25 countries to get updated on the new directions, investment policies and market potential of green energy in Myanmar; at the same time discuss strategies and share insights to support the National Electrification Plan, improve policies and regulation around electricity and renewable energy, and develop framework to plan out future electrification programs.

Ⅱ. Conference Topics:

● Myanmar's 15 Years Power Development Plan
● Financing Options For Green Energy In Myanmar
● Hydropower as Long-Term Energy Security for Myanmar
● Optimizing Operational Solar in Myanmar Energy Mix
● Wind Power Potentials and Initiatives
● Transmission Planning in Myanmar Towards Sustainability
● Hybrid Distributed Energy in Remote Rural Areas

Ⅲ. Why Attend:

◆ Unrivalled access to a target audience of energy producers, consultants, engineers, manufacturers, agents, distributors, policy makers, regulators and captains of the industry

◆ A flagship event to exchange ideas with the industry experts while being updated on the latest policies, regulations and developments of Myanmar’s green energy industry

◆ Explore investment opportunities in Myanmar

◆ A platform for networking and establishing contacts for future business collaborations

Ⅳ. Who Should Attend:

★ Power Generators & Utilities
★ Consulting & Engineering Companies
★ Energy Contractors
★ Energy Exchanges, Traders, Analysts
★ Energy Turnkey
★ Government Agencies/ Ministries
★ Grid Energy Storage
★ Hydropower Developers & Consultants
★ Independent Power Producers
★ Mechanical & Electrical Suppliers
★ Mega Energy Structures Architects/ Designers
★ Power & Energy Infrastructure Financing Institution
★ Power & Energy Infrastructure-related Service Provider
★ Power Plants Owners, Planners and Service Operators
★ Power Transmission & Distribution
★ Repair & Refurbishing
★ Strategic & Portfolio Investors
★ Solar & PV Manufacturer & Contractor
★ Tax & Legal Advisors
★ Technology & Service Providers for Power Generation
★ Turbine, Generators, Equipment Manufacturers
★ Water Resources Management
★ Wind Energy Providers & Consultants

Ⅴ. Conference Agenda:

1. Day 1: Monday, 15 August 2016

◆ 07:30 am MGES 2016 Registration Begins
◆ 08:30 am Delegates Take Their Seats at Ballroom
◆ 08:30 am Arrival of Distinguished Guests
◆ 08:30 am Arrival of Guest of Honor

Opening Ceremony

◆ 08:50 am Myanmar Cultural Dances
◆ 09:00 am Introduction Remarks
◆ 09:10 am Special Address
◆ 09:20 am Keynote Address and Launch of MGES2016 Summit: Myanmar Power outlook and Development Plan
◆ 09:40 am Networking & Refreshments Break

Plenary Session:

◆ 10:00 am Plenary Address 1: Clean Energy Developments and Potential in the Greater Mekong Subregion
◆ 10:30 am Plenary Address 2: World Bank’s 7.2 Million New Household Electrification Program for Myanmar
◆ 11:00 am Plenary Address 3: Government Policy On Environmental Impact of Energy Development Projects
◆ 11:30 am Plenary Address 4: Trends and Prospects of Bio-Energies in Myanmar
◆ 12:00 am Plenary Address 5: Geothermal Energy in Myanmar: Status Update and Market Potential

Session One: Investment Policies and Financing Options for Green Energies in Myanmar

◆ 01:30 pm Paper 1: Myanmar’s Transmission Development Plan for Grid Expansion and Reduction of Power Losses
◆ 02:00 pm Paper 2: Licensing and Regulatory Aspects of Green Energy Projects In Myanmar: A Practical Look at Myanmar’s Power Purchase Agreement
◆ 02:30 pm Paper 3: Clean Energy Project Financing: Risk Allocation, Bankability and Mitigation
◆ 03:00 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers
◆ 03:15 pm Networking & Refreshments Break

Session Two: Electrify Remote and Rural Areas for Economic Growth

◆ 03:45 pm Paper 4: Remote and Rural Electrification Development Plan: Status and Directions
◆ 04:15 pm Paper 5: Decentralized Renewable Energy Options for Myanmar
◆ 04:45 pm Paper 6: Electrifying Myanmar through Bio-Energy
◆ 05:15 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers

2. Day 2: Tuesday, 16 August 2016

◆ 09:00 am Session Three: Solar as Sustainable Energy Source for Myanmar
◆ 09:00 am Paper 7: Solar Energy Potential and Applications in Myanmar
◆ 09:30 am Paper 8: Off-grid Solar System for Commercial and Residential Electrification
◆ 10:00 am Paper 9: Powering the Special Economic Zones with Solar Energy
◆ 10:30 am Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers
◆ 10:45 am Networking & Refreshment Break

Session Four: Optimising Wind Energy in Myanmar Energy Mix

◆ 11:15 am Paper 11: Wind-Diesel Hybrid for Rural Electrification
◆ 12:15 pm Paper 12: Advances and Innovations in Interconnection for Wind Farms – The Noble Approach for Myanmar
◆ 12:45 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers
◆ 01:00 pm Luncheon for Guest Speakers and Delegates

Session Five: Powering Myanmar through Hydropower

◆ 02:00 pm Paper 13: Myanmar Hydropower: Development Needs and Challenges
◆ 02:30 pm Paper 14: Hydro Power Legal Challenges In Cross-Border Energy Sales
◆ 03:00 pm Paper 15: Ultra-Low Head Micro Hydro System for Rural Electrification
◆ 03:30 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers
◆ 03:45 pm Networking & Refreshment Break

Session Six: Transmission and Distribution Plan for Sustainable Energy

◆ 04:15 pm Paper 16: Myanmar’s Transmission Development Plan for National Electric Grid Expansion and Reduction of Power Losses
◆ 04:45 pm Paper 17: Modernizing Power Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure For Greater Economic Development
◆ 05:15 pm Paper 18: Development of Mini-Grids For Rural Electrification: A Noble Approach for Myanmar
◆ 05:45 pm Open Forum: Comments, Questions and Answers
◆ 06:00 pm Closing Address
◆ 06:00 pm Myanmar Green Energy Summit 2016 ends

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