Advancing Clean Energy on the New Texas Grid

Advancing Clean Energy on the New Texas Grid

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Georgetown, Texas, USA

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23 Oct 2017
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24 Oct 2017
Renewable Energy
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

TREIA is taking its annual conference to the NEXT level. Connect with thought leaders and businesses across the Texas energy industry at the first ever GridNEXT conference being held November 11-13 at the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas.

Come be part of the conversation. Texas is the nation's largest and fastest growing consumer of electricity, making it the biggest market in the country. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas! GridNEXT engages stakeholders on the grid modernization challenges facing clean energy integration. If you have a stake in renewable energy economic development in the state of Texas, this event is for you.

Ⅱ. Highlights:

★ Former Vice President Al Gore will be our special keynote speaker on the opening day of GridNEXT. An established global leader on energy and environmental issues, he is a world renowned advocate for the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy technologies. Gore’s new film, “An Inconvenient Sequel” features his recent visit to Georgetown, Texas, to talk with city leaders about their successes after converting to 100% renewable energy.

★ Cleantech Open Pitch Competition: Some of the brightest entrepreneurs in Texas give their best shot in pitching a panel of judges with new ideas for clean energy solutions.

★ Building the Roadmap to Smarter Grid: Texas utility leaders provide an update on their utilities’ smart initiatives and place their efforts on the roadmap leading to their vision of the smart grid.

★ Electrical Vehicles (EVs) and the Grid: Driving Electrified Transportation in Texas.

★ Emerging Cyber-physical Security Challenges and the Microgrid.

★ Cities in the Drivers’ Seat – Leading Transformation to a Cleaner Grid: Texas City Leaders discuss ways their cities are keeping their commitments to enact green energy policies that are rapidly transforming their 21st-century grid.

Ⅲ. Agenda:

Day 1: October 23rd

● 07:00-08:00 Conference Open: Registration
● 08:00-11:30 Pre-Conference Event: Cleantech Open South Central Regional Finals
● 08:30-10:00 GridNEXT 1.0 Energy Markets, Regulatory & Technology
● 10:00-11:30 GridNEXT 2.0 Renewable Energy Project Development & Finance
● 10:00-11:30 How Local Communities can be Designated as SolSmart
● 11:30-12:30 Opening Lunch
● 12:30-13:15 GridNEXT Special Opening Keynote Speaker: Former Vice President Al Gore
● 13:15-13:30 Break Networking
● 13:30-14:00 GridNEXT Keynote: CPS Energy COO Cris Eugster and Fred Bonewell, Chief Safety & Security Officer
● 14:05-15:30 Opening Session: When Technology and the Grid Play, Clean Energy Shines
● 15:30-16:00 Break: Network Energy Break
● 16:00-16:50 Session 2: Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the Grid: Driving Electrified Transportation in Texas
● 16:55-17:45 Session 3: Resilient, Smart Spaces & Solar + Storage
● 18:00-19:30 Happy Hour Reception & Awards: Cleantech Open Winners & Student & Business Leader Awards

Day 2: October 24th

● 07:00-08:00: Conference Open: Registration
● 08:30-09:00: Breakfast: Networking
● 09:15-10:10: Session 1: Emerging Issues In The Energy-Only ERCOT Market
● 10:10-10:40: Break: Network Energy Break
● 10:40-11:30: Session 2: Building the Road map to a more Resilient and Smarter Grid
● 11:35-12:25: Session 3: Addressing Emerging Cyber-physical Security Challenges and the Micro grid
● 12:30-13:00: Lunch Break: Networking
● 13:00-13:40: Lunch Panel: NREL: Technology Pricing Trends and the Competitiveness of Energy
● 13:45-14:35: Session 4: Planning Resources for The Future: Public Power is Moving Toward Further Integration of Renewable and Technology
● 14:35-15:25: Session 5: Corporate Energy Management: Evolving Preferences and the Texas Grid
● 15:35-16:25: Closing Session: Cities In the Driver's Seat - Leading Meaningful Transformation to a Cleaner Grid
● 16:30-18:00: Closing Reception: Networking

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