Clean Energy Summit 2017

Clean Energy Summit 2017

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London, UK

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Start Date
24 Apr 2017
End Date
26 Apr 2017
Renewable Energy
International / National
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€ 205


Ⅰ. Introduction:

The Clean Energy Summit will highlight how large energy users are reducing electricity costs, lowering carbon while improving quality of life. With solar and storage at the core of today’s modern energy strategies, learn how both public and corporate sectors are capitalising on the move towards 100% electricity generation. The Government is getting ready to develop a new, flexible energy network. Ensure you don’t fall behind. From offsite PPAs and demand side management to smart grids and attracting the best talent, the Clean Energy Summit will detail all you need to know about benefiting from the decentralised energy system.

Ⅱ. Conference Agenda:

Day 1: April 24, 2017

● 09:30-10:00---The roadmap to 2030: An update on the Carbon Plan and Government Strategy
● 10:00-10:45---The roadmap to 2030: Land Owners Taking control of energy generation and supply
● 11:15-12:00---The roadmap to 2030: Why Corporates and SMEs need to be clear on their energy demands and demand clean solutions
● 12:00-12:45---Now we know our energy plans, what can do today to ensure we get there?
● 13:30-14:00---What are the implications of a decentralised energy network for our grid infrastructure?
● 14:00-14:30---What does the solar market need to grow?
● 14:30-15:15---How is energy storage changing the market and where have we already seen success?
● 16:00-16:30---Utilising data and demand side management to optimise and monitor energy supply
● 16:30-16:45---European Smart Cities
● 16:45-17:15---Staying smarter than the smart system

Day 2: April 25, 2017

● 09:15-10:00---State of employment within the energy sector
● 10:00-10:45---Now you’re generating what do you do with the power?
● 11:15-11:35---Community Energy: State of the Sector
● 11:55-12:15---Optimisation of your energy assets to ensure long term return
● 12:15-13:00---How do you run an effective tender for energy generation services?
● 14:15-14:45---The business case for investing in low carbon infrastructure
● 14:45-15:30---Green fleet partnerships; joining building and fleet managers
● 16:00-16:30---Keeping Risk Off the balance sheet; investing in renewables and keeping energy clean
● 16:30-17:00---The modern electricity system: How do we pull everything together?

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