Global Solar Finance & Investment: Emerging PV Markets

Global Solar Finance & Investment: Emerging PV Markets

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Start Date
19 Jun 2017
End Date
20 Jun 2017
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

This event will connect developers and financiers to find out how to work in new emerging PV markets. Split across two streams, we will investigate both bankable projects and how companies improving access to energy can attract capital for growth. We’re in the middle of a transition in the energy market from centralized to decentralized driven by solar, storage and micro-grids not to mention digitalisation, automation and the ubiquity of the internet. Maturing technologies and investors’ increasing competence with renewables has driven the market forward bringing us to nearly 300GW of installations and solar is the cheapest new source of energy as of 2016.

The Emerging PV Markets Finance Summit will bring together the investment community focused on new project development and financing innovative clean-tech.

Ⅱ. Highlights:

◆ Identify political risk and see where its higher and lower
◆ See which governments are putting the right frameworks in place
◆ Find out which markets are overheated and which are still hot
◆ What are the common traits of successful projects
◆ What kind of capital is moving into these markets and which regions is it coming from?
◆ Finding partners in new countries
◆ Cost of capital review – what are financiers building into their models and how does this change country-to-country
◆ Policy round-up – where are the strongest frameworks for solar PV and where might your political risk increase?
◆ Energy pricing update – how high are prices currently and what can each market absorb?
◆ Fundraising case studies – how did companies demonstrate long term value?

Ⅲ. Conference Agenda:

Day 1: 15th, June Thursday

● 08:30 Registration and coffee
● 09:00 Opening remarks from the chair
● 09:10 Where are the next GW Markets?
● 09:40 How are investment options changing?
● 10:20 Repatriating cash & currency risk
● 10:40 Networking refreshment break
● 11:10 Technology update - How do different market affect performance and yield?
● 12:10 Tariff review
● 13:00 Networking lunch break
● 14:00 Derisking your PPA
● 14:40 Round tables begin
● 15:30 Networking refreshment break
● 16:00 Cost of capital
● 16:30 Keynote: Why the global transition to renewable is unstoppable
● 17:10 Networking drinks reception

Day 2: 16th, June Friday

● 09:00 Business model design that enables scale-up
● 10:00 Beyond solar: storage and micro-grid case studies
● 10:30 Networking refreshment break
● 11:00 Securitisation - Is the solar IPO dead?
● 11:40 How will technology maturation affect technical risk?
● 12:00 Are we underestimating the role of off-grid deployment?
● 12:30 Networking lunch
● 13:30 Credit enhancements and guarantees
● 15:00 Networking refreshments
● 15:30 Ratings update
● 16:30 Bringing it all together - How are you going to make your projects bankable?
● 17:00 Close of conference

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