Saudi Renewable Energy Conference

Saudi Renewable Energy Conference

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Start Date
14 Feb 2018
End Date
15 Feb 2018
Renewable Energy
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

Saudi Arabia is transferring within the spirit and text of the project. It says it depends on the private sector a lot as it chose it as a major partner to provide key services in terms of Energy, Education, Healthcare, education, transportation and other Sectors to achieve the goals of the National Transformation program and Vision 2030. Energy sector, particularly Renewable Energies is where most of the investments are projected to be concentrated.

Saudi Arabia’s National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) is a long term, multifaceted renewable energy strategy designed to balance the domestic power mix in order to deliver long term economic stability and prosperity to the Kingdom, whilst working towards carbon reduction commitments. The NREP is managed and executed by the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources (MEIM), directly supporting Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation Program (NTP) and Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy market is set for growth, supported by an abundant solar resource, land availability, an A-rated sovereign credit, and strong economic and strategic logic. The Kingdom’s plans are in line to achieve the VISION 2030 that was announced last year with a desire to diversify the energy mix and take advantage of the compelling economics of renewables especially solar and wind, in the country. As government finances come under pressure in the low oil price environment, the Kingdom is seeking to reduce subsidies for oil consumption and encourage clean generation technologies.

Not with standing the slump in the global oil prices , Private capital Investment can be of tremendous influence in financing power sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Public Private partnerships would play a major role in development of renewable Energy generation and infrastructure. With a highly ambitious plan laid out by the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, the kingdom is looking for development of Private sector. With extended support from the ministry, the project is largely aimed to realize the well-being of all the stakeholders of the energy sector from policy makers to government authorities to end users and suppliers under one roof to discuss and understand the way forward and what’s in it for each of us.

Ⅱ. Why Attend:

● Gain first hand insights into the Kingdom’s upcoming renewable energy projects.
● Develop relationships and grow your connections.
● Engage in one to one discussions with industry experts to uncover solutions.
● Witness some of the latest technological advancements from across the globe showcased.
● Re-educate yourself on the best practices from across the world.
● Be a part of immersive round table discussions and workshops.

Ⅲ. Who Will Attend:

◆ Government Authorities
◆ Government Organizations and Undertaking
◆ Finance and Investment Houses
◆ Solar PV Manufacturers
◆ Concentrated Solar Companies
◆ Wind Turbine Manufacturers
◆ Water Desalination Companies
◆ Power Storage Companies
◆ Solar Air Conditioners
◆ Energy Consultants
◆ Waste to Energy Companies
◆ Geothermal Companies
◆ Renewable Energy Associations
◆ Trade Councils and Embassies

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