8th International Solartech Bangladesh Expo

8th International Solartech Bangladesh Expo

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Start Date
2 Mar 2017
End Date
4 Mar 2017
Renewable Energy
International / National
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

Electrical industry is one of the most important business sectors of Bangladesh. It has been identified as a “booster sector” in the SME Policy Strategy – 2005 and a THRUST SECTOR in the National Industrial Policy – 2010. Currently, 63 per cent of the total population of Bangladesh is linked with the national grid of electricity. Per capita rate of electricity generation is 220KW. In such an environment local demand for electrical products is about US$ 700 billion. There are about 2900 electrical enterprises producing 89 types of electrical products in Bangladesh.

The 8th International SOLARTECH BANGLADESH on March 2-4, 2017 at Bangabandhu International Conference Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh by ExpoNet Exhibition is only the right gateway to grab the US$ 750 billion Energy Market in Bangladesh.To enhance cooperation and the exchange of information on the challenges and NEW opportunities for ecologically balanced Industry and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh. To create a blueprint of new innovative initiatives to implement into community development all throughout Bangladesh and set this nation up as the al leader’s and role model in Sustainable Development.

Ⅱ. Exhibit Scope:

1. ST Applications:

● Air Conditioning, Cooling
● Building Integrated Solutions (Facades, etc.)
● Solar Thermal Power Plants
● Process Heat

2. ST Solar Thermal Technologies:

● Absorbers, Coatings
● Collectors
● Fittings, Expansion Tanks, De-aerators, etc.
● Heat Transfer Fluid
● Measurement and Control Technology
● Mounting Systems
● Pool Absorbers
● Storage Tanks
● Tracking Systems

3. ST Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment

● Automation
● Materials
● Production Machinery
● Solar Glass

4. PV Cells and Modules

● Cells
● Modules
● Thin Film

5. PV Components, Tracking and Mounting Systems

● Cables, Connectors, Junction Boxes
● Tracking Systems
● Mounting Systems
● Installation Aids

6. PV Balance of Systems (BOS)

● Inverters
● Measurement and Control Technology
● Chargers, Batteries

7. PV Applications

● Building Integrated Solutions (BIPV)
● Stand Alone Systems
● Power Plants (Commercial & Utility-Scale)
● Consumer Products (Solar-Powered Lights,Toys)
● Energy Storage Systems

8. PV Materials and Components

● Ingots, Wafers
● Feedstock-Polysilicon, UMG, etc
● Consumables (Paste, Wires, etc.)
● Gasses and Liquid Chemicals
● Solar Glass, Encapsulation

9. PV Manufacturing Equipment, Materials and Components

● PV Manufacturing Equipment for
● Ingots, Wafers
● Feedstock-Polysilicon, UMG, etc.
● Cells, Modules, Thin Film
● Integration and Automation
● Inspection and Metrology

10. LED/ Energy Efficient Lighting Applications

● Lighting and Electrical Fittings
● Building and Energy Management System

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