The 7th Chinese Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition

The 7th Chinese Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition

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5 Nov 2015
End Date
7 Nov 2015
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Ⅰ. Invitation:

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the Chinese Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition 2016 which will be held on November 5-7, 2015 at Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

In 2014, China PV system new installation market is nearly up to 10.5GW, whose increment ranked first in the world.With a series of incentive photovoltaic policies issued in 2014, it is estimated that this figure will become 17.8GW in 2015, expecially in PV farm and distributed photovoltaic. Therefore, it’s a big chance not only for domestic enterprises but also for foreign companies. This year’s conference will focus on the development and maintenance of PV station,distributed power generation technology and service, financial innovation and PV application. The exhibition will showcase new products, new technologies, new equipment and other renewable energy applications. Till now, GCL、Trina solar、Canadian Solar、EDRI、SUNTECH、HUAWEI、ENVISION have joined CREC2015 family.It will provide a platform for exchange and cooperation and will provide opportunities for you to increase visibility.

According to the statistics of last event, more than 1000 attendees and 10000 buyers were attracted from home and abroad, including government officials, representatives from chambers of commerce and trade associations, as well as industry experts and scholars.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Scope:

● PV Farm Investment and EPC
● Commercial Roof PV Station
● Residents Roof PV Station
● PV Panel/ Conerter/ Bracket
● PV Application
● Green Building
● Energy Storage
● Off-grid
● Smart Grid
● Electric Vehicle

Ⅲ. Exhibition Scale:

Exhibitors: 300+
Exhibition Space: 20,000m2 +
Keynote Speakers: 150+
Forums: 20+
Visitor Attendances: 10,000+
Professionals: 1000+
Overseas Delagations: 30+
Ammount of Deals: 5 billion USD+

Ⅳ. Why Attend:

◆ Over 17.8G New Installed PV Market in China
◆ Top 20 Companies of PV Industry Chain Will Attend CREC
◆ One Most Important Way to Get Government's New Energy Policy
◆ More than 50% China PV Companies Surrounded by Wuxi
◆ More than 2000 Roof Resource for Distributed PV Power Station

Ⅴ. Topic:

◆ The Development and Maintenance on PV station
◆ Change Pattern of Global Renewable Energy Industry
◆ How to Find Suitable Oversea Partnesr for Jointly Develop China Market
◆ Distributed PV Resource Location & How to Get
◆ Advanced PV Technology and Latest Standrds
◆ Financing Modes and Business Innovation for Renewable Energy Industry
◆ The Solution of New Energy's Application

Ⅵ. Highlights:

★ Mayors of New Energy Cities Forum
★ Global Solar Leaders Breakfast Meeting(Closed-door Conference)
★ Annual Award Ceremony CREC 2015
★ Visiting Local Demonstration Projects
★ China PV Power Station Projects Fair
★ Oversea Emerging Market Business Opportunity Pannel
★ Site Sales Promotion of Exhibitors

Ⅶ. Preferential Policy:

If the oversease visitor registered as the buyer of CREC2015 and audited by committee of CREC2015, invitation letter, economic round-turn tickets and 1or 2 accomodation expenses shall be covered by Commitittee CREC2015.

Ⅷ. How to Participate:

① Please visit to fill in reservation form and submit on-line.
② Please fill in the encolsed Space Application Form and return it to the Organizer on or before Novvember,and the Space Application Form can be download on the left of the website
③ Contact us directly:
Tel:0086 510 81827277 81827276
Fax:0086 510 81827277

We would be deeply honored to have you join us at this very special event. Please let us know ASAP whether you make a dicesion to participate.

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