EXPO Solar 2018

EXPO Solar 2018

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Seoul, Korea

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14 Jun 2018
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16 Jun 2018
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

As the only Korean photovoltaic exhibition representing Asia, the 2018 EXPO Solar/PV Korea is to be held in KINTEX Goyang, Gyeonggi-do from September 13 to 15, 2018. Since FIT policy is reduced by recently aggravated finance in Europe and economic depression, the market of global photovoltaic industry is expanding from Europe to Asia.

Further, Asia is more noted in the world than ever, because FIT & RPS policy is recently enhanced to support the photovoltaic generation industry in Southeast Asia including China and Japan. Faithfully playing its role as the hub of Asian photovoltaic industry and the Gateway to advance to Asia photovoltaic market, EXPO Solar/PV Korea newly changes & leaps toward international photovoltaic exhibition in its 7th anniversary in 2018.

As the only domestic photovoltaic exhibition held by Monthly Solar Today in each February, EXPO Solar/PV Korea is to be held by positively reflecting the opinion of overseas exhibitors and buyers who prefer open in September and newly expanding supplier-oriented exhibition to exhibition for actual user and end user of photovoltaic generation system. Your interest and participation will be much appreciated.

Ⅱ. Why Attend:

● Meet the people who could transform your business. And transform your thinking. The global connections you'll make at PV World Forum could inspire all sorts of positive changes.

● Be the first to access valuable intelligence and information at the conference and learn to change the world for good. From expert academic analysis to informative boardroom insights, there's unparalleled insight to ignite new thinking on every level.

● From spotting the very latest investment opportunities and partnering with innovative start-ups, to plugging niche markets or simply finding new products to distribute in your corner of the world at the conference, you'll come away with genuine opportunities, not just business cards.

Ⅲ. Exhibition Scope:

1. PV cell & module mono-crystal cell & module/ poly-crystal silicon cell & module/ thin-film cell & module/ CIGS chemical compound thin-film cell & module/ composite single crystal cell & module/ mono-crystal cell & module/ dye induction type cell & module/ organic thin film cell & module/ spherical silicon cell & module/ other cell & module/ cell & module application/ building built-in type module (BIPV) and others.

2. Solar energy production equipment poly silicon production equipment/ ingot production and processing equipment/ wafer production equipment/ wafer cutting equipment/ stacking equipment/ silicon inspection equipment/ wafer inspection equipment/ vision inspection, equipment/ cell characteristic evaluation equipment/ energy, measuring device/ PV performance diagnosis monitoring, equipment / PV generation measuring device/ monitoring, equipment for production process/ environment monitoring, equipment/ diagnosis equipment and simulator/ battery test equipment/ substrate inspection equipment/ module test, equipment and others.

3. Solar energy material and parts poly silicon/ ingot/ wafer/ spherical silicon/ battery substrate/ glass & flexible substrate/ EVA sheet/ back sheet/ material for metallic electrode/ material for transparent electrode/ composite semiconductor material/ organic film material/ oxidation semiconductor material/ organic dye material/ Nano particle/ material for module and others.

4. solar energy power and generation facility inverter/ power conditioner/ controller/ storage battery/ rechargeable battery/ overvoltage protection device/ device for the protection of falling of a thunderbolt/ power supplier/ converter/ junction box/ panel board/ panel board/ junction box/ remote monitoring device/ cable/ connector/ Sensor for Pyranometer/ power control parts and others.

5. Energy storage system and energy storage device for solution battery/ energy storage device for compression air type/ energy storage device for fly wheel type/ Power Conversion System(PCS)/ Energy Management System (EMS)/ Lithium-ion battery/ Natrium Sulfur Battery/ flow battery/ Uninterruptible Power Supply and others.

6. PR for the solar energy industry support policy Program to support companies in the solar energy industry/ solar energy industry support cultivation policy and others.

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