3rd International Conference & Exhibition for Energy Technology 2016

3rd International Conference & Exhibition for Energy Technology 2016

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Cairo, Egypt

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2 Oct 2016
End Date
4 Oct 2016
Renewable Energy
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

Egypt is a member of OAPEC, and considered as the largest Non-OPEC oil producer in Africa; and it has the largest refining capacity sector in which has the most nine largest proved oil reserves in Africa. Over half of these reserves are offshore reserves. The government has plans to increase production of lighter products, petrochemicals, and higher octane gasoline by expanding and upgrading existing facilities and promoting new projects, which would require large amounts of foreign investment. Egypt is considered as the second-largest natural gas producer on the continent.

Thus, Egypt is expected to continue to be an important natural gas supplier to Europe and the Mediterranean region. Egypt plays a vital role in international energy markets through the operation of the Suez Canal and Suez-Mediterranean (SUMED) Pipeline. Egypt with its alternative energy sources stands out as the first country in the continent of Africa as according to New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) report; hydropower is Egypt’s third largest energy source after gas and oil. And also has one of the most efficient winds of the world and Egypt is privileged to have 3,000 hours of sunlight per year.

Ⅱ. Why Exhibit:

● Exhibiting in Cairo Energy is the most cost & time-efficient way of meeting those who really matter to your business.
● Showcase your business, products and technologies to hundreds of local and international Energy, oil, gas and Petrochemicals professionals by participating at this event.
● Meet face to face with senior government & state owned companies.
● Network with high profile delegates attending the conference.
● Establishing 1,000s of new business contacts critical to growing your business or enhancing your career.
● Profit from direct sales lead.
● Introduce new products, latest technologies and services.
● Receive widespread recognition from your industry peers.

Ⅲ. Why Visit:

◆ Evaluate future energy solutions across all product categories.
◆ Discover new solutions to existing processes.
◆ Meet the latest projects and new technologies.
◆ Experience live demonstrations.
◆ Meet face-to-face key persons.
◆ Connect with new suppliers, customers and business partners in the renewable energy and environment industry.
◆ Connect with the new suppliers and key persons.
◆ Network with your customers from around the world.
◆ Get expert advice on the specific challenges faced by your business.
◆ Gain new ideas and insights to grow your business.
◆ Celebrate outstanding achievements within your industry.
◆ Engage with your industry community locally and globally.

Ⅳ. Exhibitor Profile:

1. Energy Technology:

● Oil & Gas
● Solar Energy
● Wind Energy
● From Wastes to Energy
● Bio Energy
● Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
● Geothrmal Energy
● Tidal & Wave Energy
● Hydro power

2. Automation Technology:

● Factory Automation
● Robotics
● Turn Key Solutions
● Buildings Automation
● Bus & Wireless Technology
● Process & Automation
● Automation in RE
● Instrumentation & Control
● Hydraulics & Pneumatics
● Field Instrumentation

3. Electricity Technology:

● Power Generation
● Power Transmission
● Wires & Cables
● Electric Motors
● Batteries & Chargers
● Protection Solutions
● Power Controls
● Air Conditioning
● Power Distribution
● Lighting Systems & Accessories
● Electric Panels
● Trans formers
● Safety & Security
● Capacitors
● Electric Contracting

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