The 9th Energy Storage Australia 2017

The 9th Energy Storage Australia 2017

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Start Date
16 Nov 2017
End Date
17 Nov 2017
Renewable Energy
International / National
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

Australia enjoys the great conditions for the development of the Clean Energy, It ranked the first regarding the popularizing ra te for the household solar system use and Australia has become the most potential countries on the development of the global energy storage. The government of Australia also ruled out the beneficial Energy Policies, South Australia has made the plan for 100MW Energy Storage Development and 250MW gas filed power plants. The Victor ia Government also released the Stimulating Plan for 100MW Energy Storage. There are many Energy Storage Projects started in Australia. In addition, Due to the Increasing Price for the Electricity and the Descending FIT promote the companies in China to enter the Australian Market. Therefore, CDMC Events would hold the Energy Storage Australia Conference on November 16-17 in Sydney!

Ⅱ. Who will attend?

◆ Government & Regulators
◆ Assoications
◆ Grid Operators & Renewable Energy Companies
◆ Contractors
◆ Energy Storage Projects Owners
◆ Energy Retailors
◆ Electric Power Research Institute
◆ Green Community Developers
◆ Companies Needs
◆ Uninterruptible Power Supply (e.g. Miners)
◆ Investor and Finance rs
◆ Battery Manufacturers & BMS,PCs, Inverter Manufacturers
◆ Sales Distributors of Battery, BMS,PCs and Inverte

Ⅲ. Hot Topics:

● Interpretation for the Energy Storage Plan Released by the South Australia Government
● The optical storage Project and the station established in South Australia
● The opportunity for companies invest in the household Energy Storage System Market in Australia
● Some Regulations related to the Energy Storage Battery set by the National Standard Committee to guarantee the Energy Storage security
● The great potential for the energy storage cooperation between Battery and the Solar Energy PV Projects
● The Direct Trade Between Household, Communities and the public utilities bring the digital markets
● The Project Interpretation for the National Electricity Company and the State Grid Company
● The Application for the Energy Storage in the Residential Building, Commercial and the Industrial Field

Ⅳ. Conference Agenda:

Day 1: 16th Nov. 2017

● 09:00-12:00 The New Strategy Plan for the Energy Storage development from Australia Government

● 14:00-18:00 PV&Energy Storage System Series Projects in Australia

● 18:00-20:00 Awarding Ceremony for the Energy Storage

Day 2: 17th Nov. 2017

● 09:00-12:00 The Opportunities for the Enterprises invest in the Energy Storage in Australia

● 14:00-17:00 The Security Guarantee for the battery in Energy Storage and the Direct Trade for the Household Solar Energy

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