India Rooftop Solar Congress 2019

India Rooftop Solar Congress 2019

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Start Date
16 Jan 2019
End Date
17 Jan 2019
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

India Rooftop Solar Congress 2019 is the largest rooftop solar energy event in India with a gathering of 300+ top professionals from the industry. Attendees of this event include CEOs and other senior company officials driving the rapid growth of this sector.

Indian Rooftop Solar Congress 2019 will see a number of exciting & engaging discussions on the fast evolving business models, financial structures, changing business scenarios, new opportunities, technology advancements and policy developments driving this 40 GW solar industry. Given the strong innovations that the industry is showing in the rooftop solar space, this will be a very exciting year for the conference.

The event draws an especially senior audience, comprising of over 250 senior decision makers from government institutions, project developers, investors, green building consultants, architects & real estate developers, manufacturing industries, consulting firms, financial institutions, solar EPC companies, equipment manufacturers & service/technology providers in the rooftop solar segment.

Ⅱ. Conference Agenda:

1. Day 1

Session 1

◆ Policy& Regulatory Scenario: Racing Toward 40GW by 2020
◆ Current Policy Analysis & Future Expected Policy Developments
◆ Rooftop Solar Business Growth Potential - Residential Rooftop, Commercial Rooftop and Distributed Grids
◆ Challenges in Implementing Policy & Regulation for Utilities
◆ Development in Net Metering Policies
◆ Discussion On India’s Draft Mini & Micro Grid Policy

Session 2

◆ Improving Engineering & Design Quality, Reducing Cost, Improving Output
◆ Key Engineering Challenges Faced: Site Assessment, Design Challenges, Performance Analysis
◆ Latest Trends In Rooftop Solar Structural Design: Managing Costs vs Quality
◆ Procurement: Selecting BEST Module & Inverter Technology For Rooftop Projects
◆ Cost Management: Reducing Project Costs & Improving Lifetime Profitability
◆ Key Failure Areas: Identifying & Eliminating Key Failure Areas In Rooftop Projects
◆ Construction Issues: Streamlining Supply Chain and Quality Assurance For Rooftop Solar Projects
◆ Skill & Manpower Development: Preparing For The Needs Of Tomorrow

Session 3

◆ Rooftop Solar Finance & Investment: Improving Capital Accessibility
◆ Lending: Current Challenges and Future Outlook in Lending to Rooftop Solar Projects
◆ Funding: Issues in Raising Capital for Rooftop Solar Projects
◆ Investment Potential: State-wise: Rooftop Solar Investment Potential
◆ Financing Models: New Finance Models for Rooftop Projects, Learning From Global Developments
◆ Current Challenges for Insuring Solar Rooftop Projects

2. Day 2

Session 4

◆ Technology: Asset Development & Portfolio Management
◆ O&M Strategy: Reducing O&M Costs & Improving Project Portfolio Returns
◆ Performance Optimisation: Addressing Key Issues Related To Enhancing Portfolio Output Performance
◆ Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Strategies For Rooftop Solar Issues
◆ IT & Data Analytics: Data Management, Data Analytics, Smart Solar Systems
◆ Contracts: Understanding Contractual Risks, Mitigation & Management Measures
◆ Understanding Consumer Perspective: Practical Issues In Contractual Management

Session 5

◆ Strategy: Business Models For Tomorrow - Storage, Digital Solar, New Market Trends, New Applications
◆ Business Opportunities: New Emerging Business Opportunities in the Rooftop Solar Segment
◆ Energy Storage: Current Industry Trends & Expected Business Impact For New Storage Technologies
◆ Grid Integration Technologies: Advanced Metering Systems & Grid Integration Technologies For Rooftop Solar
◆ Growth In New Applications: BIPV, Flexible Solar Systems, Car Port Systems
◆ Scaling Up: Constraints and Challenges in Scaling up Distributed Rooftop Project Portfolios
◆ Risk Management & Mitigation: Identifying Key Business Risks and Mitigating Them

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