The 39th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy

The 39th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy

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Seoul, South Korea

Business Details

Start Date
7 Jun 2017
End Date
9 Jun 2017
Renewable Energy
International / National
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Ⅰ. Exhibition Scope:

1. Energy

● Photovoltaic
Solar cell. Module, Wafer, Module manufacturing business , Inverter, light analyzer, Clean-ESD Protection, Devises, Ingot-Wafer

● Solar Thermal
Solar Energy Kit and other relatives

● Wind Power
Parts producing system, Related technologies, Ocean wind collectors

● Hydrogen
Hydrogen manufacturing, Storing, Conveyance, Charging

● Fuel Cell
Electricity & Power, Transportation, steam supply and power generation, Portable devices

● Energy Efficiency & Green Constructions
Renewable energy- constructions, geothermal power generation

● Biomass
Biomass, Bio Disel, Bio Ethanol, Bio Gas

● Waste
Restorative solid fuel, waste refined oil Plastic heating disassembly fuels, distraction by fire

● Marine
Tidal plant, wave power generation, thermal difference generation

Coal liquefaction & Coal gasification

● Green Car & Transportation

Hybrid car, green transportation CDM, Eco Friendly & Energizing Chemicals, Other technologies

2. Environment

● Government Policies & Project
Green Projects, Climate change, Green Marketing and business, Han River Relation Projects , New developed technologies

● Water
Water& sewage water treatment, Water quality Control, Waste water Treatment and Recycling, Measuring System, Chemical Treatment

● Air
VOC Treatment, Air pollution Control, Chemical Treatment, Ventilations, TMS Equipments

● Waste
Waste Treatment and Recycling, Waste food treatment system, Chemical Treatment, Waste gas treatment

● Measuring Equipment
Air pollution Measurement, Air Measurement, Noise, Vibration, Whether, Noxious analyzer, IT relatives

● Eco-Product
Green constructions, Eco-appliance, Indoor air pollution control, Eco Label products

● Four-River Project
Lake Purification and restoration, Preservation , Soil, Nature restoring, Eco- Technical system, weather managing, Eco-Tourism

● Marine
Freshen Seawater technologies, membranes, Pumps, Energy collector, Modules

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