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Solar Power Midwest

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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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19 Oct 2017
End Date
20 Oct 2017
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

Solar Power Midwest is coming back to Chicago! We're excited to be back in the Windy City, and bringing a leading education and exhibition program to the Midwest. From rustbelt to greenbelt, solar energy is a force moving forward, and the Midwest is no exception. Registration will open later this year.

The success of this event, and all Solar Power Events, is heavily driven by the two non-profit, membership organizations behind it. The partnership between SEPA and SEIA, through their joint ownership of the Solar Power Events, has resulted in the creation of a robust suite of business and education opportunities for the solar industry. Solar Power Events organizers and speakers will strive to create a welcoming, collaborative environment for all attendees and stakeholders. At times, debatable issues are discussed at Solar Power Events. These debates make the industry stronger and facilitate the healthy exchange of ideas in a collegial setting. All Solar Power Events speakers will strive to present balanced perspectives on contentious issues in a professional, constructive manner.

Ⅱ. Who Will Attend:

● Manufacturers
● Installers and contractors
● Distributors
● Engineering firms
● Utilities
● Government representatives and policymakers
● Investors and financiers
● Architects, builders and developers
● And more

Ⅲ. Exhibition Scope:

● Energy Service Providers
● Building-Integrated PV
● Concentrating PV
● Consumer PV
● Consumer PV Products
● PV Cells
● PV Materials
● PV Modules
● PV Distributors
● PV Installers - Finance
● Professional and Business Services

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