The 11th International Photovoltaic Exposition

The 11th International Photovoltaic Exposition

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Taipei, Taiwan

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Start Date
29 Aug 2018
End Date
31 Aug 2018
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Ⅰ. Introduction:

Solar Taiwan is acting as a networking platform for Solar cell, PV module, materials, PV systems, installations and production equipment providers. In conjunction with The Top Solar System Award, it aims to promote the productivity and technology development of Solar/ PV power systems in Taiwan, and also create business opportunities in the international market.

Ⅱ. Exhibit Scope:

1. Solar integrated product and applications

● Portable power source
● Lighting/ Traffic/ Signal and Communication
● Watch/ Clock/ Calculator/ Toy

2. Photovoltaic (PV) system and installations

● On-grid/ off-grid PV systems
● Hybrid PV systems
● Balance of system components
● Engineering & Installation

3. PV module

● Standard, Customized

4. Solar cell

● Wafer Silicon, Thin Film
● CPV/ DSSC and organic

5. Materials

● Wafer, Glass substrate, Flexible substrate
● Paste/ Lamination Materials

6. Production Equipment

● Wafer(Cleaning/ Processing/ Measuring/ Testing)
● Cell(Cleaning/ Etching/ Coating/ Deposition/ Printing/ Sorting/ Testing)
● Module assembly(Cleaning/ Tabbing+Stringing/ Lamination/ Sorting/ Testing)

7. PV program

● Project developer, Financial service
● Consulting service

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