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  • Start Date: 25 Jan 2022 End Date: 27 Jan 2022
    Location: Tbilisi, Georgia Georgia Times Held Before: New
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  • Start Date: 9 Nov 2021 End Date: 11 Nov 2021
    Location: Mexico, Mexico Mexico Times Held Before: New
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    Solar Power Mexico provides the entire solar industry with a platform. If your company is engaged in the fields of solar energy, solar thermal, energy storage, power generation, network supply, grid management and/or smart grids, then don’t miss out on exhibiting at Solar Power Mexico. Your product and services can range from solar cells and modules, parts and components, new technology and tracking systems, traditional plants to planners & developers and systems & service providers.
  • Start Date: 16 Nov 2021 End Date: 18 Nov 2021
    Location: Karachi, Pakistan Pakistan Times Held Before: 1
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    The world witnessed economic growth and prosperity since the industrial revolution mainly due to increased e ciencies in the use of better and higher concentrations of energy in fossil fuels. The excessive usage has comparatively increased the consumption rate of fossil fuel over its production, resultantly impacting human life and modern technological society which currently is heavily dependent on oil as a fuel.

    Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electricity, wind mills for mechanical power, wind pumps for pumping water or drainage, or sails to propel ships. Wind energy corridor of Gharo with 60 km wide and 180 km long up to Hyderabad with average speed of 10 m/sec has huge potential to play a vital role in ensuring all-round development and growth of economy of a nation.

    Solar energy source is widely distributed and abundantly available in Pakistan. With average 5.5-6 KWh/m2/day andabout1,800-2,200 kWh/m2 per year radiation, Sindh has tremendous potential of harnessing this natural resource to produce 0.320 to 0.400 MWh of electric ity per m2 per year. With annual mean sunshine duration of 8 – 8.5 hours a day, it is estimated that this amount of energy is enough to electrify 40,000 villages.
  • Start Date: 25 Oct 2021 End Date: 26 Oct 2021
    Location: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Times Held Before: 2
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    Focus on Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan, CARES will brought a series of deep discussion covering Solar, Wind & Hydro Power by gathering most of the key decision makers in this region, helping you to secure opportunities and win tenders.
  • Start Date: 27 Oct 2021 End Date: 29 Oct 2021
    Location: New Delhi, India India Times Held Before: 16
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    The Indian power sector is undergoing noteworthy changes that have redefined the industry’s outlook for the next decade. The Government’s focus on sustained economic growth is on attaining ‘Power for all’ continues to drive electricity demand in India. To be able to meet this surging demand and provide cleaner, cheaper and more reliable access to power, hundreds of billion dollars of investment in infrastructure and technology are required.

    POWERGEN India ( - India's premier forum for the power generation industry for over 16 years now, together with Indian Utility Week & DISTRIBUTECH India (, the brands from Clarion Events global Power & Energy Series; will be providing one major event covering the entire end-to-end value chain of power generation, distribution and digital transformation.
  • Start Date: 26 Oct 2021 End Date: 28 Oct 2021
    Location: Singapore City, Singapore Singapore Times Held Before: New
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  • Start Date: 8 Aug 2022 End Date: 10 Aug 2022
    Location: Ottawa, Canada Canada Times Held Before: 9
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    The 10th ICCE takes place on August 8-10, 2022 in Victoria BC, Canada. Victoria, B.C. is a seaside city on Canada’s west coast known for its blend of historic charm and modern experiences. The city made international headlines in 2020, ranking #8 Top 20 Best Small Cities in the World by Condé Nast, 3rd Best City in Canada by Travel + Leisure .

    This conference is organized to share and discuss recent developments in clean energy sector. The aim of ICCE2022 is to gather researchers, scientists, engineers, practitioners, policy makers, from all over the world to present advances in the clean energy technologies. We are in an era in which there is a continuous progress in green energy sources and technologies and ICCE2022 will provide a forum to exchange information, present new technologies and developments, and discuss the future direction, strategies and priorities in the field of clean energy.
  • Start Date: 23 Aug 2022 End Date: 24 Aug 2022
    Location: Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa Times Held Before: 24
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    Built on 25 years of history, The Solar Show Africa is about Innovation, investment and infrastructure – Energy for the people.

    It is about the big ideas, new technologies and market disruptions that are enabling Africa's energy transition and bringing solar energy generation, battery, storage solutions and clean energy innovations to the forefront.

    Our event is a multi-branded vibrant exhibition, intentionally designed to seamlessly represents the convergence between conventional generation, lower-carbon innovations and renewable energy solutions.

    The Solar Show Africa, co-located with Power & Electricity World Africa is the definitive event that brings all these elements together, under one roof - new technology, efficiency, new thinking, and best practice in the industry.
  • Start Date: 19 Jan 2022 End Date: 20 Jan 2022
    Location: Ghent, Belgium Belgium Times Held Before: 9
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  • Start Date: 7 Mar 2022 End Date: 9 Mar 2022
    Location: Dubai, UAE UAE Times Held Before: 45
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    Middle East Energy (MEE) enjoys a 45-year legacy as a leading global energy industry event. MEE’s reputation allows companies to gain brand recognition in new markets and maintain their standing in the industry. Now in it’s 46th edition, exhibitors will once again have the opportunity to judge market demand, gain valuable industry knowledge, develop new areas of business and strengthen existing ones.

    Leveraging Dubai’s position as the regional re-export hub, the exhibition facilitates access to challenging and hard-to-reach markets through partnerships with distributors and agents. The exhibition also offers a centralised location for international companies to bring their regional offices together and accurately benchmarks themselves against their global competition.