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  • Start Date: 16 Jun 2021 End Date: 18 Jun 2021
    Location: Seoul, Korea Korea Times Held Before: 11
    Exhibitors: 250 Visitors: --
    Recently, the President of South Korea Moon Jae-in government announced the “Implementation Plan for Renewable Energy”, and it is expected that the introduction of Energy Storage System for Smart Grid is expected to grow by expanding the use of new and renewable energy. The Energy Storage System is not only an innovative storage system, but they also play a very important role in grid stabilization. In order to establish the smart grid, the Korean government has been carrying out support policies such as introducing the ESS utilization rate system, allowing power market exchange of ESS storage power, and weighting the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) when installing ESS at wind power / solar energy power plants since 2016. As of last year, the ESS installation is compulsory for public institutions, and the goal is to introduce and install ESS in all public institutions by 2022.Because of this, we plan to hold ESS Expo with accompanying event which is Energy Storage System World Forum, Seminar of Energy Storage System introduction policy.Main visitors are People involved in system suppliers or manufacturing companies in the new and renewable energy business, People involved in the operation and maintenance of new and renewable energy, People from construction and installation companies of new and renewable energy power plants, People in charge of the design, planning and operation of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and backup power systems, People from SI companies related to battery / Energy Storage Systems and E-mobility, People involved in suppliers and manufacturers of battery /Energy Storage Systems, People involved in solar energy/wind power generation business, People involved in EPC and project development etc.
  • Start Date: 21 Jul 2021 End Date: 23 Jul 2021
    Location: Surabaya, Indonesia Indonesia Times Held Before: 11
    Exhibitors: -- Visitors: --
    For our 12th Annual Event - Indo Renergy 2021 Expo & Forum, we will be bringing together businesses, sustainable energy industry trade associations, government agencies, and energy policy research organizations to showcase the status and near-term potential of the cross-section of renewable energy (bio fuels/biomass, geothermal, solar, water, wind) and energy efficiency technologies.

    Indo Renergy Expo & Forum, will be held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta - Indonesia, from 21 - 23 July 2021. Co-located with Indo Water and Indo Waste 2021 Expo & Forum, is the region’s leading event dedicated to the renewable and alternative energy industries. No where else gives you the opportunity to reach and meet 19,369 industry professionals in one place at the same time and network with key industry buyers and influences.
  • Start Date: 19 Apr 2021 End Date: 23 Apr 2021
    Location: Hangzhou, China China Times Held Before: 9
    For the first time in its history the SiliconPV conference will take place in Hangzhou, China, from June 01-03.
    The conference covers a variety of exciting topics around crystalline silicon for photovoltaic application, which is still the leading technology for solar electricity generation.

    As in recent years SiliconPV continues its fruitful cooperation with the nPV workshop taking place on June 03+04 and - special for 2020! - the bifiPV Workshop on June 04+05 will be affiliated to event as well.

    Join the silicon PV week and keep up to date on all aspects on crystalline silicon PV, simulations/characterization, p-type and n-type solar cells, bificial applications, bankability... and much, much more.
  • Start Date: 28 Apr 2021 End Date: 29 Apr 2021
    Location: Berlin, Germany Germany Times Held Before: 1
    The effective maintenance and operations of Solar PV assets is a very important aspect of helping the solar industry or any business who is looking to invest in solar energy management programs to achieve optimal energy production.

    With assets spread across various locations, it becomes challenging for Asset and PV owners to record and maintain the historical events that occurred in the life of assets. Regardless of where your assets are placed, you need a single source and avenue to effectively take complete care of your solar portfolio.

    The Solar PV Asset Optimisation Forum promises two days of tailored, high interactive, information and peer to peer learning opportunities for Solar O&M, Strategies and Methodologies in Solar plant Operation, Solar PV Operation and Processes, and also effective maintenance of Solar PV. The forum will provide an insight on challenges involved in managing the Solar PV Assets, Effective ways of reducing the cost associated with the operations and maintenance of Solar PV, identifying effective ways of Solar PV utilization and Identifying the key potentials of Solar PV compared to other forms of renewable energy systems.

    With power prices for Solar PV now at a much reduced record, roles such as O&M, PV management, Photovoltaic optimization, Asset Management and Energy Storage have never been more essential in the acquisition or ownership of PV projects, which is why the event is tailored to help attendees ensure that diverse yields are maximized and return-on-investment is delivered.

    The Solar PV Asset Optimisation Forum will bring together decision makers, professionals, researchers and industry experts at one place to discuss the strategical insights and technological practices in Solar PV Asset Operation, Management and Maintenance.
  • Start Date: 12 Apr 2021 End Date: 14 Apr 2021
    Location: Colorado, United States United States Times Held Before: 16
    On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 17th International Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaic Systems (CPV-17) between 12 – 14 April in 2021. For the first time in CPV-x history, we will only meet virtually!

    Looking at the current situation with the pandemic, we believe this is the right decision. The travel conditions in spring 2021 are not known yet, but we want to give you the best certainty to plan your participation. Now, we are looking forward to receiving interesting abstracts to learn more about your current work!

    CPV-17 is the premier technical conference in the areas of high- and low-concentration PV components, modules, and tracker-based PV systems. The conference brings together the most recent achievements in the development of CPV components and systems, like the solar cells and optics to be integrated in advanced module concepts and systems. We will have an exciting program to learn about latest performance results and characterization methodologies but also new designs and manufacturing technologies. Novel concepts like micro-CPV, hybrid modules (that capture also the diffuse irradiation) or integrated tracking systems allow expanding to new markets and applications for power plants, in urban environments, building integration (BIPV) or the aerospace. The conference will go beyond the sole electricity production. III-V devices and CPV bring additional benefits in combination with other technologies. For example, hydrogen production, power by light, power to fuel, desalination or thermophotovoltaics (TPV) are promising, unique applications enabled by CPV.

    For the organization of the conference, we can rely on the experience of PSE as Conference Organizer. We are an international community with participants from all over the world, so the program schedule will try to accommodate the different time zones as much as possible. Although it is an online event, we will provide space to meet and exchange with participants from the industry and opportunities for scientists to renew collaborations and friendships and extend our network. You will have the possibility to meet the sponsors in a virtual presentation. Finally, to encourage the next generation of CPV scientists, student registration will be given a discount. As in previous CPV-x conferences, the CPV-17 Conference Proceedings will be published with free perpetual open access through AIP Conference Proceedings.
  • Start Date: 26 Jan 2021 End Date: 27 Jan 2021
    Location: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Times Held Before: 2
    Exhibitors: -- Visitors: --
    Focus on Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan, CARES will brought a series of deep discussion covering Solar, Wind & Hydro Power by gathering most of the key decision makers in this region, helping you to secure opportunities and win tenders.
  • Start Date: 18 May 2021 End Date: 20 May 2021
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Ukraine Times Held Before: 3
    Exhibitors: 208 Visitors: --
    SOLAR Ukraine 2021 International Photovoltaic Exhibitions and Conference (technologies, equipment, materials and solutions for photovoltaic solar energy) will be held in Kiev, Ukraine , on May 18-20, 2021.

    UKRAINE is a large country located in the center of Europe with a sufficient level of insolation and the need for the use of electricity both in the commercial and municipal sectors. The installed capacity of solar energy facilities is approaching 5 GW, the number of households using solar generation to solve energy consumption issues is approaching 30 thousand. Developed agriculture, industry, hydropower, makes it possible to combine (integrate) solar energy facilities and production and economic facilities of a potential consumer , creates the basis for the efficient use of land resources, as well as for increasing the overall profitability of the project. The availability of highly qualified personnel allows a potential investor to find a partner for the joint production of high-tech generating and auxiliary equipment with a proper degree of localization. Excellent logistics makes it possible to build sales and supply systems for the nearest and largest sales markets in Eastern, Central and Northern Europe and Middle East.

    Domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech generating and auxiliary equipment, financial and consulting institutions will present the latest technologies and solutions, equipment, materials and components in the solar energy industry at the exhibition.
    Specialized seminars, panel discussions and conferences of the International Energy FORUM IEA 2021 will undermine a number of topical issues on energy consumption optimization, existing integration solutions, international cooperation, government regulation, technological innovations.

    Solar Ukraine 2021 is one of the most effective and efficient marketing opportunities to get acquainted with the solar industry of Ukraine, to establish business contacts with decision makers.
    Stay on top of new technological solutions, get access to the market of Ukraine and largest sales markets in Eastern, Central and Northern Europe and Middle East, present your achievements and find contacts with partners.
  • Start Date: 2 Mar 2021 End Date: 3 Mar 2021
    Location: Cape Town, South Africa South Africa Times Held Before: 12
    Exhibitors: -- Visitors: --
    The Africa Energy Indaba Exhibition is highly relevant to companies actively involved in showcasing solutions for the benefit of Africa. This extends to services for major energy projects on the continent, rural energy solutions, urbanisation and energy needs and the renewable & sustainable energy industry and the management thereof. By participating as an exhibitor you have an opportunity to promote your company to business counterparts, international investors, buyers and governments worldwide. This showcase will provide a platform for companies to demonstrate their commitment to provide the much needed solutions and services that will enable the African continent to embrace the challenges arising from current and future energy demands.
  • Start Date: 12 Sep 2021 End Date: 15 Sep 2021
    Location: UAE UAE Times Held Before: 1
    Exhibitors: -- Visitors: --
  • Start Date: 28 Sep 2021 End Date: 30 Sep 2021
    Location: Sydney, Australia Australia Times Held Before: 57
    Exhibitors: 100 Visitors: --
    Celebrating its 58th anniversary in 2020, the Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (Smart Energy 2020) is Australia’s premier event for solar, storage and energy management.
    It is the one place for the smart energy community to come together to be inspired, innovate and connect with one another over the two days.
    Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition will allow visitors to see the latest technology and to source the very latest solutions from the widest range of suppliers all in one place, at one time.