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Ecoenergy – International Fair and Congress of Clean and Renewable Technologies for Energy Generation

Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Sao Paulo, Brazil Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Conference, Exhibitions
Renewable Energy
Start Date
7 Jun 2022
End Date
9 Jun 2022
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€362 / m2
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Presenting the latest technologies, products and services for the renewable energy sector, the Ecoenergy – Fair and International Congress of Clean and Renewable Technologies for Energy Generation – stands out for the diversity of launches and trends offered to the market, and in 2021 promises to be more of an audience and business success.

Organized by Cipa Fiera Milano, the Ecoenergy fair arrives in its 9th edition, known as a platform for solutions focused on the entire production chain of solar and wind energy, biomass, GTDC and photovoltaic panels, aiming to promote the development of the sector of sources such as: gaseous, liquid and solid fuels, as well as geothermal and hydroelectric energy.

In the area of knowledge, there are the Ecoenergy and Biomass Day congresses, of which hundreds of professionals such as engineers, installers, integrators, distributors and directors of the segment and related areas participate, and gain even more strength being expanded with themes, cases and news related to new sectors.


1. Solar Energy

◆ Batteries
◆ Brackets For Photovoltaic Panels
◆ Inverters
◆ Photovoltaic Panels
◆ Pumps
◆ Solar Cells
◆ Solar Collectors
◆ Solar Heaters
◆ Solar Thermal Plates

2. Wind Energy:

◆ Inverters
◆ Micro-Wind Turbines
◆ Small Wind Turbines
◆ Towers
◆ Wind Turbines

3. Biomass

◆ Boilers, Burners, Dryers and Components
◆ Machinery for Transport and Handling of Biomass
◆ Manufacturers of Briquettes and Pellets

4. Others

◆ Accessories, Parts and Equipment
◆ Consulting Firms and Projects
◆ Research & Development
◆ Sector Entities


◆ Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Commercialization 6.Gaseous Fuels

◆ Biogas
◆ Methane Gas
◆ Others

7.Liquid Fuels

◆ Biodiesel
◆ Ethanol
◆ Others

8.Solid Fuels

◆ Charcoal
◆ Vegetable and Animal Organic Remains
◆ Wood

9.Geothermic Energy

10.Hydro or Hydroelectric Power

Who Will Visit

● Director / Manager
● President / VP Owner
● Engineer / Architect
● Integrator / Installer
● Coordinator / Supervisor
● Salesman / Commercial Representative
● Distributor
● Professional Electrical
● Analyst / Assistant
● Others

Why Exhibit

★ Increase the level of exposure of your brand and/or product to a qualified and interested public in doing business and partnerships in the sectors of Solar Energy, Photovoltaic, Wind and Biomass.

★ Establish direct contact and do business with national and international buyers in the industry.

★ The Ecoenergy is the main trade fair for alternatives/renewable energies in Latin America.

★ Both the Fair and the Congress, have become standard issue for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners in the renewable energy industry.
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