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F6, Building 5, 99 Housheng Rd. Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
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Company Description

Hoymiles' mission is to become the leading choice for getting started with smart energy, making good technology more impactful by ensuring it's accessible to everyone, and bringing smart solar to the entire world with high-quality products.

Hoymiles is a global MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) solution provider, specializing in module-level inverters (microinverters) and storage systems. With a vision of a clean, sustainable future, we strive to lead the smart energy industry through our rugged technology and reliable products.

With our driven engineer team, 500+ global experts and distribution & service network spanning North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, Hoymiles has empowered homeowners and professionals in more than 70 countries and regions to join the journey to true open energy. Now we are favored by the market as a trustworthy partner to our investors, installers and end consumers.

Business Details
Component Types
Inverter, Monitor
Type: On-grid, Micro-inverter
Power Range (kWp): 0.25-2.25
No. of Known Sellers Inverter 66 Sellers
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4-in-1 Highlights

● Maximum output power up to 1000/1200/1500W; Adapted to panels 60 & 72 cells PV panels

● Peak efficiency 96.60%; CEC weighted efficiency 96.50%

● Static MPPT efficiency 99.80%; Dynamic MPPT efficiency 99.76% in overcast weather

● High reliability: NEMA6 (IP67) enclosure; 6000V surge protection


2-in-1 Highlights

● Maximum output power up to 500/600/700W; Adapted to 60 & 72 cells PV panels

● Peak efficiency 96.70%; CEC weighted efficiency 96.50%

● Static MPPT efficiency 99.80%; Dynamic MPPT efficiency 99.76% in overcast weather

● High reliability: NEMA6 (IP67) enclosure; 6000V surge protection


Single Unit Highlights

● Maximum output power up to 250/300/350W; Adapted to 60 & 72 cells PV panels

● Peak efficiency 96.70%; CEC weighted efficiency 96.50%

● Static MPPT efficiency 99.80%; Dynamic MPPT efficiency 99.76% in overcast weather

● High reliability: NEMA6 (IP67) enclosure, 6000V surge protection



  • HYS-3.0-6.0LV-...
    3 ~ 12 kW Hybrid
  • HMS Series
    0.4 ~ 2 kW Micro-inverter
  • MI-250/300/350
    0.25 ~ 0.35 kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-250/300/350...
    -- kW
  • HME-1000/1200/...
    -- kW
  • MI-1000-1500
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HME-1000-1500-AU
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-250-400
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-1000-1500
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HMT-18000/2250
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-500-800T
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HME-1000-1500T-AU
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-500-800
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-300-400A
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-600-700LT
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-300-400T
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-300-400
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-600-800
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-600-800NT
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-1000-1500NT
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-300-400N
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-600-800N
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-1000/1200/1500
    -- kW Micro-inverter
  • HM-1000N/1200N...
    1 ~ 1.5 kW Micro-inverter
  • MI-500/600/700
    0.5 ~ 0.7 kW Micro-inverter
  • MI-1000/1200/1500
    1 ~ 1.5 kW Micro-inverter
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Company Updates
17 Jan 2023 Hoymiles releases highly cost-effective microinverters. https://en.prnasia.com/releases/apac/hoymiles-releases-highly-cost-effective-microinverters-390604.shtml
Serious company - good partner - Quality products - Fast sales
-- Claudio Ribeiro Ramalhoso, Araci Solar
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Last Update: 13 Feb 2023