Huayu New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.
No.456 Xingning Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang
China China
Company Description

Huayu New Energy is dedicated to being the world’s leading “Safe & Smart Solar Energy” supplier for homeowners.

“For our home energy independence” is a vision deserved by all people who truly trust clean energy is the future for our children, whether you’re from rich families or low-income families.

Since the establishment of Huayu New Energy, we specialize in R&D of Safe Module-Level Solar Solutions and Smart Energy Storage Solutions which are controlled by the Huayu Portal Management Platform with over 10 languages, these innovative technologies are developed to configure a Smart Distributed Solar System with bidirectional flow of energy which no doubt is the basic infrastructure of our future Energy Internet.

Featured with “Renewable, Distributed, Interconnected, Open & Intelligent”, Energy Internet is a must for human beings in the 21st century to realize a de-monopolistic & de-centralized sustainable power supply system across the globe. Huayu New Energy was born to be the leader of the “Safe & Smart” distributed energy solutions and play an irreplaceable role in the most exciting renewable energy revolution in human history.

Till today, we deliver thousands of Huayu microinverters (300-2000W) and Huayu storage inverters (3-12kW) for global families and small businesses in Europe, North America, LATAM, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Together with us, to be a part of game changer for “Safe & Smart Energy” via “Honesty, Trust, Teamwork & Sharing”.

Business Details
Component Types
Inverter, Storage System, Data Logger, Monitor, Power Optimizer
Storage System
Category: On-grid, Off-grid, Standalone, Intelligent
Technology: GEL, AGM, Lithium Ion, LFP (LiFePO4), Li-poly
Type: Off-grid, Hybrid, Micro-inverter
Power Range (kWp): 0.3-12
No. of Known Sellers Inverter 10 Sellers

Huayu New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.


On-Grid Home Microinverter

Energy Storage Inverter

Safer, Smarter

More Flexible

More Powerful

More Reliable

Module-level Monitoring

PC + Pad + Smartphone

Check Your Home Power Anywhere Anytime

System Design

Hotline Service

Technical Training

Customized Service



  • 0.100 / Wp
    1.32 ~ 2.2 kW Micro-inverter
  • 0.150 / Wp
    0.5 ~ 1.3 kW Micro-inverter
  • 0.203 / Wp
    8.9 ~ 13.2 kW Hybrid
  • 0.0587 / Wp
    6 ~ 10 kW Hybrid
  • 0.227 / Wp
    0.33 ~ 0.55 kW Micro-inverter
  • 0.179 / Wp
    3 ~ 6 kW Hybrid
  • 0.150 / Wp
    3 ~ 5 kW Hybrid
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Service Types Software
Software Types Monitoring
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Last Update: 18 Feb 2024