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Midsummer AB Surpasses Chinese Solar Module Efficiency Requirements

Published on 23 May 2016
Midsummer recently passed this requirement by the Chinese authorities by increasing the efficiency of its CIGS thin film solar modules to above 13 per cent (corresponding to 14.3 per cent aperture area). The tests were carried out and verified by the certified Japanese independent testing laboratory Chemitox, Inc in March 2016.

"It is very important to gain entry to China's 'elite program' in order to enjoy all the benefits and subsidies by the Chinese government, "said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer. "I am happy to announce that we have indeed passed the 13 per cent efficiency threshold as verified by an independent testing laboratory. As always, our customers can rely on Midsummer being at the forefront of advanced solar technology and efficiency requirements."

With the production system from Midsummer the solar cells are manufactured individually and then stringed together into modules just like crystalline solar cells. This way, lightweight flexible modules can easily be made in any size and shape.

"Midsummer's objective is that our technology shall be a leader in the market segment of lightweight, flexible solar panels, and that the company shall grow in tandem with this rapidly growing segment", said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer. "Thin film solar panels are the future of solar energy since they fit in to the 'distributed energy' trend and can be fitted on buildings, vehicles etc."

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