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RENON has Completed Construction for New Intelligent Factory

Published on 27 Jun 2022
Renon Power Technology 
RENON's new factory has now been constructed and all the equipment is ready and waiting to start manufacturing.

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning System

ERP assists business managers to better manage Renon's large employee base. Renon introduces ERP to rationalize all aspects of the enterprise's resources (including sales, finance, supply, materials, production and other factors) in order to give full play to their effectiveness, so that the enterprise in the fierce market competition in all aspects of energy, so as to achieve the best economic benefits.

OA office automation system

How does Renon automate and standardize work within a company? How to work with high efficiency to achieve timely delivery to customers? We rely on OA, the organizational behavior management software, to achieve collaborative management within the unit, to improve the management and office efficiency between people and people, departments and departments, covering internal communication and collaboration, information and data sharing, document management, workflow (all kinds of requests, reports, approvals) and so on.

MES Manufacturing Execution System

The Renon factory has four highly automated production lines, warehouses, test shops, etc. The introduce of MES system help us to realize the real-time management on production. It reduce the defect rate, and support training the production information and batch of every module.

IATF16949 Certification

Our production management is certified to the international IATF 16949. It is a technical specification for the international automotive industry, and the certification has a strict audit process, which guarantees our systems' quality and specification issues in manufacturing and testing. Developing the quality assurence of Renon's Battery system, to further enhance your business with end-market.

The factory has a strict and standardized production process to ensure product quality and safety. The module production process has a total of 20 steps from cell sorting, cell stacking, welding to aging testing. With the MES system, we can detect errors in the production process and correct them in time.

Production capacity

With a maximum footprint of over 120,000 square feet, 4 automated production lines , and 150+ technicians assisted by ERP/OA, factory can produce up to 3Gwh a year.


Don't have to worry about changes in market demand. With a 40+ person R&D team, highly automated production lines, and adequate funding, Renon is able to keep pace with the market and keep our products up to date to meet the needs of our end customers.


The international IATF16949 certification, which affirms our standardized operations and product quality; The product information visualization of MES system and the constant monitoring of production steps enable us to obtain high-quality products.

Source: RENON
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