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Sino Soar Obtains South Tarawa Solar Micro-grid project in Kiribati.

Published on 13 Sep 2022
Sino Soar Hybrid (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. received the bid award notification from the Kiribati Public Utilities Authority (PUB) and successfully won the bid for the South Tarawa Solar Micro-grid project in Kiribati. Sino Soar Hybrid is responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the Micro-grid systems and subsequent operation and maintenance services of the project.

The Republic of Kiribati is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. It is made up of 33 small and large islands and has the world's largest Marine reserve. The country straddles the equator, the international date line, as well as North-South latitude and East-west longitude. It is the only country in the world that straddles the four hemispheres. At the same time, the country is one of the world's least developed countries, with few natural resources and an economy heavily dependent on foreign aid. Its per capita GDP was only $1,640, about one-sixth of the country's per capita GDP. In addition, Kiribati has a low altitude and the highest area is only 2 meters higher than the sea level. It is mostly a low-lying coral island with barren and sandy land and no rivers or lakes. Since the beginning of this century, the country has had more than 10 consecutive months of drought and little rain every year, and the annual average temperature is 27℃. Good light conditions, abundant solar energy resources.

The South Tarawa Solar Micro-grid Project

To mitigate the impact of climate change on Kiribati, improve its energy supply and ensure sustainable livelihood and economic development, the Government of the Republic of Kiribati ("GoK") has received specific fund from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Green Climate Fund and the World Bank. To pay for the development of solar PV facilities under the South Tarawa Water Supply Project (STWSP). GoK has received specific fund from the Asian Development Bank, the Strategic Climate Fund and New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to pay for the development of solar micro-grid facilities under the South Tarawa Renewable Energy Project (STREP), and plans to use some of the proceeds from these fund for the construction of these facilities.

The project consists of three main parts of micro-grid projecct. The first is the supply, installation and commissioning of solar micro-grid systems for the STREP project. It includes the installation and debugging of 4MW/5MWp solar PV array, inverter and 5MW / 13MWh energy storage system. The second part is the supply, installation and commissioning of solar micro-grid systems for the STWSP project, namely the construction of solar micro-grid systems. The installation and debugging of 2.2MW / 2.5mWP solar PV array, inverter and 5MW / 0.5mWh energy storage system are included. The third part is the 12-month operation and maintenance service of the solar micro-grid system facilities upon completion of the above project.

In May 2022, the Chinese government and the government signed the "government of the People's Republic of China and the government of the republic of Kiribati about mutual promotion of the construction of" area "implementation plan", aimed at deepening bilateral trade and investment, infrastructure construction, to address climate change, science and technology and pragmatic cooperation in many fields such as renewable energy. It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of this year, China initiated and established the China-Pacific Island Countries Climate Change Cooperation Center, striving to leverage China's technological advantages, make greater contribution to the capacity of Pacific island countries to cope with climate change, and promote the building of a closer China-Pacific Island countries community of shared future.

As an international high-tech enterprise specializing in new energy micro grid and off-grid business, Sino Soar Hybrid is willing to cooperate with the Kiribati government and public utility departments with strong independent research and development capabilities and high-quality service standards under the strong support of various policies. Sino Soar Hybrid will continue to uphold the spirit of professional and efficient craftsmen, adhere to the service tenet of "customer first", ensure the efficient construction and stable operation of the South Tarawa solar micro-grid project, and promote the mutual benefit and common development of the two countries.

Source: Sino Soar
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