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Alliance Wins 100MW n-type Technology and Equipment Order for Nexolon Turnkey Project in USA

Published on 20 Jun 2013
Amtech Systems  RENA 

June 19, 2013 - The n-PASHA Alliance (RENA GmbH, ECN and Tempress Systems, Inc.), is pleased to announce today that it has been selected by Nexolon America LLC to provide n-type technology and equipment to its photovoltaic cell production facility in San Antonio, Texas. RENA, with its longtime relationship to Nexolon, is the contractual partner of Nexolon for this 100MW turnkey project. The n-PASHA technology and equipment is designed to produce breakthrough, next generation n-type high-efficiency cells enabling the production of bi-facial modules. This order is the first phase of a planned 200MW turnkey project for Nexolon.

Mr. Woojeong Lee, President of Nexolon America LLC, commented: "Through evaluation of different technologies we chose the n-PASHA technology because it has proven to deliver high levels of solar cell efficiency and importantly, at an attractive cost structure making the n-PASHA technology highly beneficial with regard to the overall cost of energy produced by solar farms."

Tempress (The Netherlands), the solar subsidiary of Amtech Systems, Inc., ECN (The Netherlands) and RENA (Germany) established their Alliance to jointly offer a technology transfer of the n-PASHA n-type bi-facial cell concept developed by ECN. Recent production technology improvements yield average cell efficiencies above 19.5% at competitive production cost. The n-type cells used for bi-facial modules generate electricity from light coming through both the front and rear side of the modules and in this way generate up to 20% more power in solar farms. Additionally, the n-type cells do not suffer from LID (light induced degradation) where power loss is typically three percent for commonly used p-type cells. 

Mr. Juergen Gutekunst, CEO of RENA GmbH, explains: "n-PASHA technology is the high efficiency technology with excellent cost-benefit ratio. As one of the leading suppliers for wet etching, cleaning and plating processes we optimized our products for applications in the trend setting n-PASHA sequence. n-PASHA helps us and our customer to stay at the cutting edge."

Mr. Fokko Pentinga, CEO of Amtech Systems, Inc., commented: "We have found that through continued advancement of the n-PASHA technology we deliver a competitive next generation high efficiency solar solution. This is the second order for this technology underscoring the Alliance is on the right technology path as the solar market progresses to higher value solutions. At Tempress, with our industry-leading Alliance partners, we are well-positioned to deliver these advanced technologies to the marketplace. We look forward to working with Nexolon in San Antonio, a solar hub in the USA, on this exciting project."

Mr. Robert Kleiburg, COO of ECN, commented: "We are very proud that such a prestigious company as Nexolon has chosen ECN's n-PASHA technology for its new production facility in San Antonio. n-type silicon solar cells are gaining market share rapidly and the Alliance is speeding up the roadmap towards even higher performances. We are looking forward to intensify our collaboration with our alliance partners RENA and Tempress and the n-PASHA community to achieve our common goal to deliver better PV products."

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