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Mecasolar to Supply Solar Trackers to 1MW Solar Installation in Italy

Published on 19 Oct 2012
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Mecasolar has reached an agreement to deliver 74 single-axis azimuth solar trackers (MS-1E TRACKER 15) to a new solar PV facility in Villacidro, on the Italian island of Sardinia.

At Mecasolar, a company of the OPDE Group, they highlight the importance of this project in Italy. The solar trackers were adapted to meet the strictest international standards for low-concentration CPV systems.

The technology to be supplied by Mecasolar to the new 1MW installation developed by Euroenergy S.p.A. was adapted to the low-concentration modules from US-based Solaria, made of more efficient crystalline silicon PV cells, specially designed in tempered glass along with other safe materials. Besides, the Solaria solar panels are frameless.

The technology underlying these modules was specially designed for solar trackers like Mecasolar's, which optimise the performance of the solar installation. In addition, the patented cell multiplication technology pioneered by Solaria reduces silicon cell material by half – enabling lower cost at equivalent energy output in tracking applications.

Single-axis azimuth tracker features

The design of the panel mounting system makes Mecasolar trackers highly flexible when it comes to assembling panels from different manufacturers. Depending on the type of module, the highest accepted power is 15.36kWp.

On the MS-1E TRACKER, the polar axis can be manually adjusted, adapting to the different seasons for optimal production. The angle of the traditional single-axis azimuth tracker can be tilted between 20º and 35º on the horizontal plane, thus increasing production by an additional 5% over the traditional single-axis azimuth tracker.

Besides, the surface area covered by the MS-1E TRACKER is very similar to that occupied by traditional non-seasonal single-axis azimuth solar trackers. ‘This results in greater return on investment,' Mecasolar sources say.

In addition, motor consumption with Mecasolar trackers is very low (40kWh/year), which ‘means reduced maintenance service,' they add. Moreover, Mecasolar trackers are easily installed, which reduces both labour costs and the time spent on construction work.

The seasonal single-axis azimuth tracker connects to a weather station so that the PLC, with an algorithm of its own, provides protection from wind.

All Mecasolar trackers have an independent programmable logic controller (PLC) that helps the tracker move to follow the position of the sun and adapt to changing weather conditions, and enables the user to perform remote operations.


Source: Mecasolar
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