Midsummer Presents a Record Result for 2016

Published on 17 May 2017
Midsummer presents a record result for 2016. Revenues nearly doubled and profits increased, due to several new orders for the company's DUO thin film solar cell manufacturing system.

In its Annual Report for 2016, the company announces sales revenues of 60 MSEK, up by nearly 100 percent from the previous year, and an annual profit of 10 MSEK. To meet the increased market demand the company hired 15 new employees during the latest year. 

"2016 was a record year for us," said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer AB. "We did some great business, and the market acceptance for our solar energy technology solutions increased, which resulted in several orders for our compact DUO thin film solar cell manufacturing system. The DUO system is now the most widely spread manufacturing tool for flexible CIGS solar cells in the world."

"We have yet again shown that we are the leading provider and supplier of advanced solar energy technology solutions for the production and installation of thin film solar panels. Swedish technology is at the forefront of the race towards a fossil free planet and we look forward to the future, with continued development and increased sales of our solutions in the global market", Sven Lindström concludes.

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