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LG Chem
Layers: PVDF / PET / PE
Region: Korea Korea
Product is no longer manufactured.

Product Characteristics

Product Characteristics  
Outer(Air)Layer PVDF
Outer(Air)Layer Thickness 300 µm
Mid Layer 1 PET
Inner(Cell)Layer PE
Weight 370 g/m2
Outer(Air)Layer Colour White, Custom
Inner(Cell)Layer Colour White, Custom
Stability Characteristics  
Tensile Strength (Length/MD) 80 Mpa
(Width/TD) 70 Mpa
Elongation (Length/MD) 150 %
Elongation (Width/TD) 120 %
Interlayer Peel Strength ≥10 N/cm
Peel Strength (Encapsulants-Backsheet) ≥60 N/cm
Thermal Shrinkage (Length/MD) ≤1.5 %
Thermal Shrinkage (Width/TD) ≤1 %
Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate(MVTR) ≤1.2 g/m2per day
Optical & Thermal Characteristics  
Partial Discharge Voltage ≥1000 VDC
Breakdown Voltage ≥20 kV
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LG Chem

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LG Twin Towers, 128, Yeoui-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07336
Parent Company: LG Corporation
Product is no longer manufactured.

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