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HTPV340S Solar Module Backsheet

Shanghai Huitian New Materials Co., Ltd
From €2.46 / m2
Layers: PVDF / PET / Coating
Region: China China
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The HTPV340S has safe service life more than 25 years and high performance on insulativity, water resistance, oxygen resistance, ultraviolet resistance and weatherability. Its high adhesive strength with various encapsulating material makes it popular.

Product Characteristics

Product Characteristics  
Outer(Air)Layer PVDF
Mid Layer 1 PET
Inner(Cell)Layer Coating
Total Thickness 355 µm
Outer(Air)Layer Colour Black, Other
Inner(Cell)Layer Colour Black, Other
Stability Characteristics  
Tensile Strength (Length/MD) 110 Mpa
Tensile Strength (Width/TD) 110 Mpa
Elongation (Length/MD) 100 %
Elongation (Width/TD) 90 %
Interlayer Peel Strength ≥4 N/cm
Peel Strength (EVA-Backsheet) ≥40 N/cm
Thermal Shrinkage (Length/MD) ≤1 %
Thermal Shrinkage (Width/TD) ≤0.6 %
Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate(MVTR) ≤1.5 g/m2per day
Optical & Thermal Characteristics  
Partial Discharge Voltage ≥1000 VDC
Breakdown Voltage ≥20 kV

Product Feature

♦ TPE structure type,made of PVDF, PET and PE.

♦ Three layers: the outer layer is importedfluoride film,the middle layer is PET, the inside layer is modified PE.

♦ With safe service life more than 25 years

♦ High performance on insulativity,water resistance, oxygen resistance, ultraviolet resistance and weatherability.

♦ High adhesive strength with various encapsulating material.

♦ More than 90% reflectivity of visible light.

About Hubei Huitian New Materials Co., Ltd

Huitian New Materials---- Professional New Material Solutions Provider

With four factories located in Hubei, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Changzhou, Huitian New Materials is a high-tech listed group company specialized in the R&D, production and sales of adhesives and new materials in China, providing Silicon Adhesive, Acrylate Adhesive, Epoxy Adhesive, Polyurethane Adhesive and Solar PV Module Back Sheet which are widely used in the industries of new energy ,electronics, construction, environment protection, transportation and aviation. Products have passed TUV, JET, SGS, UL, ROHS, ISO and so on. 


Company Culture

The corporate culture of Huitian Adhesive is the masterly generalization and summation of the team’s business creation course. It is a concentrated reflection of values and concepts of Mr. Zhang Feng, Chairman of the company. Huitian culture is the basis of Huitian. It includes one core (Human-orientation), four mechanisms (incitement, competition, elimination and supervision), four spirits (teamwork, innovation, devotion and hardworking) and four concepts (learning, calamity, honesty and thanksgiving).

1. One core- Human-orientation

Passion comes from love and business attributes in persistence.
Employees make the company successful and the company makes employees achieve dreams.
Create excellent performance and realize self-value.
Construct common prospect, create harmonious and friendly growth and foster positive attitude towards life.
Talent is the basis of the company; the company is the ship of talent. Those are in the same boat should row together, sharing weal and woe.
Improve human quality and arouse human potential.

2. Four mechanisms

Incitement mechanism 
Incite passion, avoiding the tragedy on warm water boiling frogs.
Incite the potential and encourage the innovation.
Incite to love the work and Huitian never let good staff pay for all.
Give positive incentives to those working selflessly (promotion, salary increase, honor, training and share)
Give negative incentives to the actions and persons harming the benefits of the company (criticism, announcement, penalty, demotion, removal and dismiss)

Competition mechanism 
Let all the chances be open to everyone, make the talents stand out in benign competition, realizing self-value.
Make competition promote two-way choice, realizing optimization.
Standardize operation with competition and implement price comparison. Refuse black case work in bidding for projects.

Elimination mechanism 
Elimination is a kind of ‘catfish effect’ which finally makes fishes much healthier.
Elimination makes antelope survive in the hostile environment.
Performance ranking, eliminate the last ones (for three times) and make who slack off watchful.
2% of dropout rate is the lifeline of Huitian.
If Huitian does not eliminate the losers, the market will eliminate Huitian.

Supervision mechanism 
Supervision makes everything open, fair and impartial.
Power must be balanced; supervision avoids corruption.
Supervision is just like the sunshine project to gather people's cohesion. 
Make employees know anything they should know.

3. Four spirits

Teamwork spirit
Complementary makes ‘wooden basket’ without short panel, realizing the win-win benefit.
Communication, interaction and cooperation complete the system effect.
Principles inside and strategies outside make intelligence working.
Encourage argument, however once decision is made, it should be implemented strictly and same announce to the outside.

Innovation spirit
Innovation is the soul of company’s development.
Mechanisms innovation, system innovation, management innovation and technology innovation
Each position should have innovative space.

Devotion spirit
Work painstakingly, devote yourself until success.
A smile, a delighted sound and eyesight can all increase our chance to success.
Persevering in dealing with minor matters is a professional state.
Work initiatively without any reminder.

Hardworking spirit
Huitian people walk to the market from sleeping on the floor, living in coach and selling in the street.
Struggling means never satisfied, indomitable, gritty, self-discipline and continuous improvement.  
Winners overcoming difficulties will never be short of courage.
Luxury, comparison and waste make golden hill empty; frugality, hardworking and combatant gathers population.

4. Four concepts

Establish learning enterprise, construct atmosphere of learning, set up healthy thinking pattern and improve learning ability of the team.
The only sustainable competitive advantage is the ability to learn faster than your competitor.
Learning makes you know everything, knowing everything makes you change. There is no end to learning.
Learning ability of our team is the resource of innovation and the basis of enterprise’s sustainable development.

Thank the company, as the company provides growth space for employees.
Thank the employees, as the efforts of employees make the business successful.
Thank the customers, as the hardworking customers realizes the success of Huitian brand.
Thank the society, parents, spouse and children. Less complaint, more sincerity;
Grateful forever, the world is full of sunshine.

Truthful in speech and firm in action. Do what you promised. Honesty is the biggest brand of the company.
The company keeps the promise to employees and employees keep the promise to customers.
Senior managers keep the promise to shareholders and Huitian keeps the promise to society.

Self-eliminated, or competition will eliminate us.
Thinking of danger in times of peace can make you calm down and turn danger into safety.
Always searching for the new ‘cheese’, you will never be short of cheese.
It is dangerous to blindly believe Huitian is invincible.

Shanghai Huitian New Materials Co., Ltd

No. 251, Wenji Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
No. Staff: 2,000
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