Soli Tek cells
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Cell Type: Polycrystalline
Power Range: 3.89~4.43 Wp
Region: Lithuania Lithuania
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Baltic Solar Energy is a 156x156mm, 3BB multicrystalline solar cell producer in Europe, Lithuania. Baltic Solar Energy is using only the highest quality materials for PV cell production. A 67MW production capacity allows us to produce 2,400 cells per hour. Each cell is inspected for contact printing, electric performance and surface colour consistence.

Product Characteristics

Model No.
BSE-200 3.89 BSE-200 3.94 BSE-200 3.99 BSE-200 4.04 BSE-200 4.09 BSE-200 4.14 BSE-200 4.19 BSE-200 4.23 BSE-200 4.29 BSE-200 4.33 BSE-200 4.38 BSE-200 4.43
Product Characteristics  
Cell Technology Polycrystalline
Dimensions 156×156 mm
Diagonal 220 mm
Cell Thickness 200 ± 30 µm
Front Surface (-)  
No. of Busbars 3
Busbar Width 1.5 mm
Busbar Material Silver
Anti Reflection Coating Silicon nitride
Back Surface (+)  
No. of Soldering Pads 3
Soldering Pad Width 2.5 mm
Soldering Pad Material Silver
Back Surface Field (BSF) Aluminium
Electrical Data at STC  
Maximum Power (Pmax)
3.89 W 3.94 W 3.99 W 4.04 W 4.09 W 4.14 W 4.19 W 4.23 W 4.29 W 4.33 W 4.38 W 4.43 W
Voltage at Maximum Power Point (Vmpp)
0.513 V 0.516 V 0.518 V 0.519 V 0.521 V 0.523 V 0.526 V 0.529 V 0.532 V 0.525 V 0.528 V 0.531 V
Current at Maximum Power Point (Impp)
7.66 A 7.7 A 7.76 A 7.83 A 7.89 A 7.95 A 7.99 A 8.02 A 8.05 A 8.24 A 8.28 A 8.32 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
0.608 V 0.61 V 0.613 V 0.616 V 0.619 V 0.622 V 0.625 V 0.627 V 0.629 V 0.626 V 0.629 V 0.631 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)
8.26 A 8.26 A 8.33 A 8.4 A 8.47 A 8.53 A 8.57 A 8.61 A 8.65 A 8.85 A 8.89 A 8.93 A
Cell Efficiency
16 % 16.2 % 16.4 % 16.6 % 16.8 % 17 % 17.2 % 17.4 % 17.6 % 17.8 % 18.0 % 18.2 %
Fill Factor (FF)
77.1 % 77.5 % 77.7 % 77.8 % 78.2 % 78.4 % 78.5 % 78.7 % 78.8 % 78.09 % 78.18 % 78.4 %
Thermal Ratings  
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.0719 %/˚C
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.339 %/˚C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc 0.049 %/˚C
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About Baltic Solar Energy

The solemn grand opening ceremony of BOD Group High Technology Center L.I.G.H.T. WING took place on 15th October 2013 in Visoriai IT Park in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This extraordinary event created an inspirational mood not only for our outstanding guests but also loudly echoed in international media as one of the most important events in European solar industry. The opening ribbon was cut by Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius, German Ambassador to Lithuania Matthias Mülmenstädt, Mayor of Vilnius Artūras Zuokas, CEO of Singulus Technologies Stefan Rinck and CEO of BOD Group Vidmantas Janulevičius.

Many famous Lithuanian business people and Governmental representatives attended the event to watch the solemn launching of the first new generation solar cells production line and to take the excursion to the new building and its facilities.

BOD Group High Technology Center L.I.G.H.T. WING (Lithuanian incubator of green and high technologies) is one of the most ecologic industrial plants in Europe were work the latest generation solar cells and modules production lines, research laboratories, the fastest video conference and internet media center in Europe, as well as the incubator of new innovative companies.

Here until 2015 the High Technologies will create €145 Million value for provided production and services, while until 2017 it will reach up to €290 Million. In 2015 over 500 highly skilled employees will work in L.I.G.H.T. WING.

The main area of this 30 thousand square meters is taken by companies Baltic Solar Energy and Baltic Solar Solutions which produce high efficiency solar cells together with modules assembling company Viasolis. With annual capacity of 16,7 million units of cells and 70 MW they will be able to cover demand equal to 50 middle-sized European solar plants.

Also here will be based other high-tech companies like Kemek Engineering, Innovative Pharma Baltics, ProBioSanus, Litfarma, Altechna and others. In one year here will also be opened a new intellectual property protection platform Clear Digital World, which will provide innovative anti-piracy solutions for online digital content.

Soli Tek cells

Mokslininkų str. 6A, LT-08412, Vilnius
Parent Company: BOD Group
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