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Type: Fast Cure
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Conserv P360-14FC is a fast curing, PID Resistant, UV and weather stable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate photovoltaic encapsulant that can be used for all Crystalline Silicon and many Thin Film photovoltaic modules. CONSERV P is specially recommended for modules used in tropical climate conditions.

Product Characteristics

Product Characteristics  
Type Fast Cure
Thickness 0.4275-0.4725 mm
Width ≤1240 mm
Density 0.96 g/cm3
Hardness (Shore A) 65
Gel Content ≥80 %
Stability Characteristics  
Tensile Strength 18 Mpa
Water Absorption (20°C) ≤0.1 % / day
Peel Strength (EVA-Glass) ≥70 N/cm
Peel Strength (EVA-Backsheet) ≥70 N/cm
Volume Resistivity >1x10 ^15 Ω·cm
Optical & Thermal Characteristics  
Light Transmittance ≥91 %
UV Cut Off Wavelength 360 nm
Refractive Index 1.48
Melting Point 70-72 °C
Specific Heat 2.8 J/°C·g
Processing Time  
Vacuuming Time 5-7 min
Lamination Time 8-10 min
Curing Temperature 150-152 °C
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Product Features:

• Special ‘OS’ technology - 'OS' Manufacturing Technology enables CONSERV to be produced without inducedstresses allowing it to exhibit Ultra Low Thermal shrinkage.

• CONSERV, with nearly ZERO shrinkage, results in advantages including net material saving (the EVA sheet can be cut to the exact size of the glass), no cell mis-alignment/better aesthetics and shorter cycle time at lamination stage compared to most market Encapsulants

• CONSERV has matt finish surface on the inside and a specially embossed surface on the outside of the roll.

• The specially embossed design of CONSERV prevents inter-blockage of the layers resulting in its transportation and storage without masking film. Special embossing also facilitates sheet handling at the stage of sandwich making and air evacuation at the curing stage of the lamination process.

• Uniquely formulated ‘CONSERV’ offers a wide choice for module makers - from low melting to medium temperature melting Encapsulants

• Subject to the optical transmittance value of the glass used in the module, CONSERV’s exceptionally high Luminous Transmittance results in higher energy output.

CONSERV EVA Encapsulant range:

• CONSERV A 360 -14 FC: Fast Cure & low temp melting

• CONSERV B 360 -14 FC: Fast Cure & medium temp melting

• CONSERV A 300 -10 UC / CONSERV B 360 -10 UC: Ultra-Fast Cure & medium temp melting

• CONSERV P 360 -14 FC: Fast Cure & PID resistant

APPROVALS: ‘CONSERV360-14FC’ - Verification/Certification:

• Performance for up to 2250 Hrs. of Damp Heat Test (DHT) by TUV Rheinland, Germany

• UL Certification - UL 94, UL 746A &UL 746B, Certificate no 20121121 – E353124

• RoHS by TUV Rheinland


Unle specified, below is the standard packing of 'CONSERV'

# Length/Roll: 100 Meter
# No. of Rolls/Pallet: 9
# Total Linear Meters/Pallet: 900
# Each roll is packed in a protective bag in a corrugated box
# Nine such boxes are put on a std. Euro size pallet, suitable for export

About RenewSys

There is a steady growth in the energy sector in terms of both technological advancement and scale. However, predominant use of conventional non-renewable sources of energy, coupled with the burgeoning population, continues to increase the global carbon footprint. The clean alternative is renewable energy that can provide an inexhaustible source of power.

The effort towards environmental sustainability must start with a serious commitment to conserve, preserve and reserve energy, using it effectively and efficiently. RenewSys™, is the Enpee Group’s contribution to this cause.

Located at Bengaluru, India, RenewSys caters to the renewable energy sector through the manufacture of EVA Encapsulant and Backsheets for Photovoltaic Modules.

The Enpee Group is an international conglomerate with over 50 years of business experience. The group has manufacturing facilities in India, Nigeria and the UAE. It has offices/associates in Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, UAE, UK and USA providing customer service and support worldwide.

RenewSys Highlights

• Single source for: EVA Encapsulant | Backsheet | Busbar Insulation Material

• State-of-the-art European manufacturing technology

• Proven Raw Materials

• In-house PV R&D centre

• RoHS, UL & TUV certified products

• Worldwide Sales network and warehousing facility


RenewSys India Private Limited

Plot no 21 & Part 22, Bommasandra-Jigani Link Road, KIADB Industrial Area, Bangalore - 562 106, Karnataka
No. Staff: 104
Parent Company: Enpee Group
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Harsh Shah Asst. Manager - Export coordination.
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Rajnish Khurana Sr. General Manager | RenewSys UK Ltd.

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